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Plaza Leve, 41 Shortland Street
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12 reviews for Land Prime Ltd

  • Andreyshaparenk A.
    • 1
    • 08. Mar 2017

    The best part of Land-FX is its withdrawal no refusal feature. No matter you are trading for the time being or not, you can withdraw your money anytime and from anywhere. But make sure that you use the same medium you used to deposit money into your Land-FX account.

  • Willjames768 W.
    • 1
    • 28. Feb 2017

    I left my old job. Currently I am earning twice as much as my salary per week with Land-FX. I’ve withdrawn 83,232 dollars this week without any problem. Thanks to Land-FX.

  • Ivanmoretti I.
    • 1
    • 22. Feb 2017

    I never thought that trading will be so easy. Land-fx provides some of the best applications for modern devices. You can trade from your desktop or laptop and even from your smart phone. I have started last week and I’m looking forward for some massive profits.

  • Hoeben H.
    • 1
    • 08. Feb 2017

    Land-fx, I still can’t thank you enough for the insights and knowledge that you guys have provided to me. I will carry it with me and trade more profits making my life more comfortable just for you guys.

  • Evillegas E.
    • 1
    • 18. Jan 2017

    Land-fx always has an exact plan to work out trading problems. I am having consistent results and am much satisfied with my trading deals these past 6 months!

  • Akuster A.
    • 1
    • 14. Sep 2016

    Land-fx’s MT4 trading platform is real easy to navigate and operate on. You guys have been a great help, thank you so much!

  • Egor K.
    • 2
    • 25. Aug 2016

    The best thing about Land-fx is that they have tightest spread and lowest deposit fees for trading account, just what I was looking for.

  • Egor K.
    • 2
    • 10. Aug 2016

    The trading platform at Land-fx is easy to use and navigate! I was a first timer and I learned much quickly than I expected.

  • Pauldaniel341 P.
    • 1
    • 13. Jul 2016

    Land-fx is the absolute best when it comes to guiding beginners in forex trading. I recommend Land-FX to all.

  • Ellen M.
    • 1
    • 22. Jun 2016

    Land-fx is absolutely the best! Fast execution and great customer support. Thanks again!

  • Tazevedo T.
    • 1
    • 01. Jun 2016

    For over a month now, I haven’t had a single loss at the trade. Thank you Land-fx!

  • Stevenkarlo12 S.
    • 1
    • 27. Apr 2016

    Land-fx helps me identifies when the momentum has exhausted and when should I go out! Thanks Land-fx for these consistent deals.