Bergfuchs Fachgeschäft f d Berg- u Wandersport GesmbH

Kaiserstraße 15, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Kaiserstraße 15
1070 Vienna

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    • 14. Jan 2012

    Usually very busy, and not enough staff to go round. You can get some top quality knowledgeable guys and gals around here, but there is an older guy who usually looks pretty grumpy too so you get what you find :) I go here for specialist advice or tips, but expect to pay higher prices for their stuff. I think they will do deals on some higher price items but not as a general rule. I bought my mountain shoes here and the latest Mammut jacket but at 360 Euros, I could have shopped around. That said, they are just usually market price for Austria and they stock everything you will need for climbing, hiking, cold weather etc so good enough...Therefore, compact, cosy and ready to help - Bergfuchs!

      • kay
      • kay
      • 16. Jan 2012

      Your review reminded me that Bergfuchs, which I haven't been to yet but which was recommended to me, was the place that came to my mind when I was thinking about the prices vs. knowledge thing recently. Part of what I'm paying for there is these people's advice, their expertise, which I'm unlikely to find at one of the bigger chains (where, on the other hand, I'd be able to get what I want for cheaper). :)

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    • Thanks Kay ! :-)

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