Bikram Yoga College/Yoga Studio

Neubaugürtel 47/5/1, 1150 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Neubaugürtel 47/5/1
1150 Vienna
+43 664 5452960

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  • Erokaneillama E.
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    • 02. Sep 2023

    Migraines had control over my life until I stumbled upon this Yoga practice. Their approach was like a breath of fresh air. I'm finally free from those debilitating headaches! The relaxing poses in Yoga really started making a difference for me .The frequency of my migraine pain started reducing dramatically .Now they are completely gone .I am really thankful that I could discover the true potential of Yoga.
    In the past, I had the incredible opportunity to be treated with Biomagnetism for a significant health issue.Only after a few sessions did I feel much better.Well I do have to accept,I was really surprised by its impact.Biomagnetism works by employing magnets to restore pH balance, which aids in healing. The regulated Ph promotes blood circulation and destroys all dangerous bacteria in the body.The most important part is that this effective form of treatment is oh so gentle in nature.
    Combine that with Yoga, and you've got a healing powerhouse. The combination of these two types of treatment will provide your patients with faster outcomes.To know more about Biomagnetism, visit

  • Saara
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    • 16. Feb 2012

    A good yoga studio at the Lugner Kino City. Because of the location, this place can be crowded after office hours, but I haven't tried the morning / day classes.

    Prices are the same as everywhere, but the "trial offer" is a good deal: 2 times / 10 days for 10 euros.
    Mats and towels available, and with the long term deals mat storage is included.

    Anyone who has tried bikram yoga, knows that the beginning can be tough, and the slogan on the webpage is : "The only way to heaven is through hell!"

      • Bigii
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    • Nice to see you! I have only had a couple of sessions with my beautiful therapist and I am looking forward to working with him more. Carl Lee said to me, "Life is the challenge of change, the choice about the change, the consequence of the choice and then the contribution to self first and then to other ones." I have found this very inspiring and interesting. Therapy, thanks so much for been with me all this hard time.

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