Das Augustin

Märzstraße 67, 1150 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Märzstraße 67
1150 Vienna

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  • stormgrass
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    • 19. Oct 2009

    Set in a rather shabby part in a rather shabby district of Vienna (well, it's true. It just isn't really pretty, that district), Augustin is a great surprise. Not only does its exterior work hard on betraying the splendid interiour, the food is also quite delicious and plentiful.

    Decked out in Biedermeier sofas, chandeliers, sturdy wooden tables and loads of candles, Augustin is as cozy as it can get. The fact that almost every night there's a chap playing the piano, only adds to the undeniable charm of the place.

    Foodwise I opted for nothing less than a Bauernkotelett (farmer's cutlet), which consisted of tender grilled pork, covered in loads of roasted onions, with fried potatoes, little cubes of bacon and pole beans on the side.

    The only problem with the cozy interior of Augustin is, that sitting on a sofa as soft as the one we sat on, means, that your food sits somewhere on eye level, which makes it a tad difficult to eat (having been confronted with that dire situation myself, here's a trick that actually works: simply sit on a chair for the duration of the meal!).

    Here's just a small thing I'd like for the owners to do. Update your website! While I think your Bauernkotelett was worth every single cent I paid for it, advertising your food roughly three Euros cheaper than it actually is, may be frowned upon by people less lenient than me!

    Anyway, I absolutely recommend going to Augustin, especially round eight, when the pianist will be playing one of his tunes, while you, stuffed with most exquisite Austrian foods, can recline on a sofa with cigarette in mouth and beer in hand.

  • Mr. Tristan
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    • 08. Aug 2007

    The food is absolutely excellent here. I love the french onion soup, and they offer quite a lot of regional specialties. The interior decor is very classic dark wood, but also a little offbeat, as I think everything was collected piece by piece, one at a time.

    I also had the best erdbeerbowle here that I've had yet in Vienna. mmm.

  • Pokemoni
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    • 14. Jun 2007

    Excellent Hausmannskost (the Fleischknödel are my personal favourite) and live piano (or guitar, if it's a warm summer night and no-one inside) music.
    The staff is very friendly and do a great job at making you feel welcome.
    Over all a rather recommenable place, but due
    to the cosy interior and the heavy food the place is probably more suitable for winter nights.

  • Jurie
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    • 23. Dec 2006

    I've only been here a couple of times, but every time the food was good. The interior is great too.