Die Burgermacher

Burggasse 12, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Burggasse 12
1070 Vienna
+43 699 11589599

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  • R. N.
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    • 11. Jun 2012

    overrated! enough said.

  • imprints
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    • 25. Mar 2012

    I prefer to just takeaway from Die Burgermacher & go to a friend's flat nearby - the restaurant itself is very small but I find the burgers and chips very satisfying when I feel a burger attack coming on.

  • Jay G.
    • 166
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    • 16. Feb 2012

    A very popular little eatery near MQ. It has a small shopfront and offers delicious burgers, large sized chips/wedges and a good selection of drinks. The burgers are nice and I enjoyed the food overall, but personally, for moi, I found it a bit pricey for a tres casual ambience/food.

  • Floor Drees
    • 612
    • 222
    • 25. Sep 2011

    Great (tiny) restaurant. Though you'd expect a bigger choice of burgers (only 5 of them on the menu) in a place called 'Die Burgermacher', I really enjoyed my simple yet tasty Fleischeslust Burger.

  • Natalia P.
    • 58
    • 19
    • 08. Jul 2011

    i had a halloumi burger here, it was great! i suggest having it, if you go there, but i think the menu changes every month or something. the chips are also great! if you don't feel like having alcohol with your burger, do have one of their bio juices: they're very, very tasty. i had the Johannisbeere one and if it weren't so expensive i'd have ordered a second!
    the staff is also friendly and service is super quick!

    the downside is just that i found it a bit pricey, the fantastic juice was a bit expensive, and they charge extra for chips - this is why i will go back there, but without rushing. it's good, but you really spend a lot for a burger with chips.

  • Simian23 S.
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    • 22. Mar 2011

    The good:

    - great location, really cool place to eat
    - their french fries (pommes) are absolutely delicious
    - hope you are hungry, because portions are HUGE
    - they make their own ketchup - for some this might be a negative but I found it very tasty
    - great burger selection, perfectly cooked burgers
    - great beer selection, including Czech beers
    - a burger place on Burggasse...poetic, isn't it?

    The not-so-good:
    - they haven't gotten the hang of buns. These wimpy bits of bread soak up the meat juice and just disintegrate. You WILL finish your meal with a knife and fork...how very European.
    - not cheap, but as portions are large not a terrible deal either
    - they don't ask how you want your burger cooked (medium-rare, medium, well done, etc.)
    - a buffet-style bar for toppings would be awesome...but they don't have one

    Overall, not bad. If the concept of upscale burgers appeals to you, try this place out.

  • Pw W.
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    • 26. Oct 2010

    real tasty burgers on a simple menu. also veggie stuff that's delightful. come and pick up or eat in. best in town!

  • Ta.Ta.Ta.
    • 17
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    • 25. Aug 2010

    small restaurant with friendly staff close to the city center. i really enjoyed the burgers & the coleslaw. unfortunately i did not enjoy the ketchup very much - it had this weird cinnemon-christmas taste.

  • adriany
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    • 13. Apr 2010

    witty written menu and burgers how they should be - fantastic!

  • fadr
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    • 23. Mar 2010

    Awesome burgers, period.

  • Pepperdinepat
    • 49
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    • 21. Nov 2009

    the burgers are *hands down* the best in town. very neat place, very friendly waitress and perfect food - fries (no matter what color), the bread, meat - cooked to perfection. Smokey's stands no chance!

  • bertolino
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    • 20. Jan 2009


  • Mike
    • 201
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    • 20. Nov 2008

    Very nice! I had been hearing good things about Die Burgermeister for awhile now and finally had the chance to visit! The atmosphere is quite nice, clean and warm. Soundtrack is great (Jim O'Rourke was playing when I was there) and they have over 30 types of beers from around the world waiting for you beer junkies.

    The smoke tofu burger was great, juicy, thick and they used a great ketchup. It would be excellent if they had a soy cheese, but I'm not going to ask for the World here.

    Overall, pleasant, not *too* pricey and the food was great. A+++ would recommend.

  • Wolfgang D.
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    • 16. Oct 2008

    Great burger, great fries, great ingredients. Young and friendly staff. Just felt a little bad looking at the pictures of cows on the wall while eating their friends.
    Two greasy thumbs up!

  • Esad H.
    • 22
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    • 14. Jun 2008

    A very indie and boboesque (well after all it's in the middle of 7th district) restaurant whose menue has 6 different burgers and few desserts of the day. I ordered the classic one and quite enjoyed it. From that day on, I'm having really hard time going to McDonalds ;-)

  • tsunkatse
    • 2
    • 22. Apr 2008

    This new spot in Burggasse offers mainly burgers - but not the fast-food variety. Their burgers are delicious indeed, completely home made and "bio" (even the ketchup is self-made, great stuff!). The place is also nicely designed, if a bit small. Expect to make a reservation at rush hours, or wait at the bar for a table to clear. Friendly staff, and you can also order burgers for take-away.