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Kaiserstraße 113-115
1070 Vienna

35 reviews for Flatschers

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  • Jay G.
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    • 17. Mar 2012

    Excellent place. I wish I had found it sooner actually! Good if you like steaks, burgers, the All-American breakfast and meals. Bring your mates, they will love you for it. Worth trying are the burgers or the steaks by themself. I would have preferred a larger serving size but that would have been too expensive. The ambience is also good enough, a kind of modern decor flair and can accomodate crowds or small tables.

  • Pokemoni
    • 30
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    • 12. Sep 2011

    Great quality food (the burgers were delicious) and very friendly service.

  • Coupland C.
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    • 13. Jun 2011

    maybe the best burgers in town - very beefy n I like the homemade fries as well as the cheesecake ;) good german beer (as far as I've been told - not that much into beer) and delicous cocktails. a good combination of restaurant and bar to hang out. cool music. only downside: no other bars around. but it will definitely be worth it to go there!

  • Ta.Ta.Ta.
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    • 03. Jun 2011

    Flatschers is a brand-new restaurant/bar located in the otherwise not-so-glittery part of the 7th district. I went there on their opening night, and I will certainly go there again.

    The most important thing about Flatschers - it is definitely a place for the carnivores among us. Go there if you have a craving for steaks and burgers - they are not the cheapest in town but very delicious and absolutely worth the money. They also sell Bavarian beer, lots of cocktails (starting at ca. 7€) and quite tasty home-made french fries. Also try their black & white mousse au chocolat, it tastes like a fancy version of Kinderschokolade. Yumm!

    The place itself is pretty spacious, you'll find a long bar and lots of ceiling-high windows. And as far as i could tell, they have two equally large smoking/non-smoking zones. The interior design is a bit too straightforward for my taste. (But that's probably just me - I'm pro-kitsch all the way.)

    Bottom line: 4 stars for the restaurant + 1 star for pimping up my neighbourhood.

  • Rainer
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    • 08. Oct 2007

    fancy bar and restaurant but reasonable prices. nice photoart on the walls.