Freiraum Restaurant Cafe Bar

Mariahilfer Straße 117/1, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Mariahilfer Straße 117/1
1060 Vienna
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  • Kasia Kwiecień
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    • 13. Dec 2012

    Nice place, with good food. I can easily recommend salad with chicken (10 euro). The place is often busy and sometimes you have to wait too long for a service, but still Iike it.

  • imprints
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    • 05. Nov 2012

    Delicious pizzas and fine service. Busy though so make sure to reserve ahead! I enjoyed it anyway.

  • Floor Drees
    • 612
    • 222
    • 25. Jul 2012

    Slightly overpriced and you might have to wait for your food (even if your 'lunchdate' is already diving in to his/her dish). Like the menu though. My favorites? The mango smoothie and falafel salat (with chickpeas and figs!).

  • imprints
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    • 27. Mar 2012

    Busy and spacious cafe/restaurant located on the higher side of Mariahilferstrasse near local delights such as Macca's and KFC. The restaurant was buzzing when we went in and service was a bit slow and erratic for my taste. The breakfast I had was nice though, but I will probably find a more comfortable and relaxed environment to have my easy morning breakfasts in future. Basically I think the place itself looks chic and it has potential but judging from other reviews, the service levels can improve for quite a few people at the moment.

  • mkalina
    • 23
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    • 08. Feb 2011

    Breakfast is great, especially if you want to spend a long morning with friends. Coffee is okay, too. The prices, however, will make you spend the rest of your breakfast-sunday a bit more economical.

  • essiegabi
    • 80
    • 33
    • 14. Mar 2010

    Not my type of place: music is way too loud, unmotivated looking waiters, not very helpful with finding a free table, waiting half an hour for a drink. I did enjoy my tagliatelle with home made pesto.

  • Nina K.
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    • 26. Feb 2010

    Just one word - terrible. I went there only because I met a friend by chance while walking up Mariahilferstrasse and we decided to go and have a coffee. We were lucky to find a seat, because two other guests were leaving. It was packed and it was terribly smoky. When we asked about the non-smoking area we were told that "there are a few tables for non-smokers in the back" (hahaha, good joke - in the middle of the room, surrounded by people smoking). The waitress passed us about 10 times without asking, if we wanted to order anything and trying to catch her attention was almost useless. We managed to order and when she arrived with our coffees we noticed that she didn't bring a glass of water as well (as usually cafés serve water alongside coffee). So we tried to tell her that we wanted some water, but she totally ignored us. Suddenly she came and put two small glasses of water in front of us. All the while not saying a thing. I've never before experienced such a bad service. When a guy started smoking a cigar behind us we decided to leave, but it wasn't easy to catch the waitress's attention to be able and pay. Prices are not cheap either. I can't recommend the place at all.

  • iceblue
    • 32
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    • 17. May 2009

    Great place with excellent cuisine. Best thing is that they have a variety of dishes for every budget. I liked the Austrian specialities, but also the pizza is very good. Lunch boxes to take away is a brilliant idea. 4 stars!

  • schroettner
    • 145
    • 63
    • 08. Apr 2009

    I was really surprised when I went in, because the place is huge. You can't see it from outside, but there are several floors. It's a mixture between a café, a bar, a lounge and a restaurant. In the evening they play typically electronic lounge music. I was there on a Thursday evening sitting in the non-smoking-area (I was really surprised that you don't smell any smoke there - maybe they've change something because other reviewers complain about the smoke) inbetween of business-people in suits and tourists ordering champagne. Though there are lots and lots of waiters (mostly men) you have to wait quite a long time. Altogether it's quite okay.

    • I was almost choking because of the smoke. Can't understand that you didn't notice any smoke, because it is terrible. The worst was a guy smoking a cigar behind me. *blah*

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  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 12. Jan 2009

    Big, smoky, nice location and interior. Looks a bit scruffy considering it's new, but well. Haven't eaten there yet.

  • AJ
    • 36
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    • Vienna
    • 05. Jan 2009

    as my office is just across the street we've been there a couple of times for a beer after work

    as mentioned by the others this place is huge, as huge as the prices ...
    eating there can cost you easily around 13€, without drinks!!

    as a friend of mine is working there, and he always was when i went there, i can't really say anything about the service

    the interior is really creative ... but more like wanna-be-creative
    i wouldn't count myself in for the target group of this bar ;)

  • Absinthe
    • 68
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    • 31. Oct 2008

    Been there for the very first time. The place is huge! I thought it'd be rather small but almost couldn't find a friend of mine who was waiting there for me. The design is light and friendly. The different areas seem to have different color schemes (subtly done). The food was good (at least, what we had) but a bit pricey.
    The waitress was a little too concerned if everything's ok and fine and if we desired something else and what she could improve. On the one hand - cool, they do seem to care what their customers think. On the other - too much care can be quite annoying.

    Update: The quality of the food is still good, the concern of the waiters is still present but toned down to a bearable and actually rather nice level.

    Only drawback so far - their homepage does not hold as much information as I expected. And beware - there's music.

    Update: After having been there for a couple of times now I have to admit that the service is a bit lax now, the quality of the food not too exciting and make sure to ask for some milk if you order a chai. Seriously.