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Parkring 12
1010 Vienna

22 reviews for Gartenbaukino

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  • DNL
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    • 18. Jan 2012

    beautiful cinema built in the 1960s that hasn't lost it's charm and keeps on being one of the most modern and interesting cinemas in austria. great selection of movies and even the odd party in the lobby. very stylish. last time I went was for a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show, next time I'm going is for Paul Poet's documentary Empire Me. Cannot wait.

  • spanaut
    • 78
    • 51
    • 14. Jun 2007

    Surely one of the nicest cinemas in town, great sixties architecture and definitely worth a visit during Viennale film festival.

    Watch out for events and parties at the foyer!

  • stormgrass
    • 48
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    • 06. Apr 2007

    Great movie theatre, with comfortable seats (old style, no slanted seating, but the screen is so far away, it doesn't really matter).

    For perfect seating, choose row 15 in the middle. You'll be sitting right in front of the dividing aisle, giving you maximum legroom.

    They don't have fresh popcorn, only packaged, but most movies they show aren't traditional popcorn-movies anyway.

    Their cafe, the Philiale, is a franchise of Phil.

    And that would be the total extent of my knowledge.