Kent Restaurant

Brunnengasse 67, 1160 Wien, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Brunnengasse 67
1160 Vienna
+43 1 4059173

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  • Mmarijke V.
    • 1
    • 09. Feb 2015

    I will go back again

  • FM1721
    • 50
    • 13
    • 30. Jun 2009

    Kent is probably the largest Turkish restaurant in Vienna and offers a wide range of very good food for quite good value.
    The 'Sütlac von Hüseyin Pasa' (rice pudding) is worth a sin!

  • Mantis
    • 44
    • 4
    • 07. Oct 2008

    Kent offers a ginat breakfast for only 5€ - including different kinds of cheese, meat, vegetables, honey - inkl. tea or coffee.

    They have a large garden in the back where you can sit and enjoy your meal. The food is very good, the prices are low, and they have good and quick service.

  • guldtjej
    • 179
    • 30
    • 21. Aug 2008

    the kent is an incredibly large turkish restaurant at brunnenmarkt - nevertheless it was not easy to find a free table on wednesday evening! the lentil soup was a good choice. very tasty. I also liked the plate with different starters. and the flatbread gets an extra recommendation!

  • Pokemoni
    • 30
    • 32
    • 15. Jun 2007

    Definitely still one of the best Turkish restaurants in town (or at least in the area).

    Amazing mixture of people, from conservative to studenty to (Turkish) locals.

    Very good food for extremely decent prices.

    The garden has suffered from the extension and sometimes the staff will not be quite sure who's responsible for you, but over all they are always friendly and as attentive as they can be.

    Something I've never tried out myself: they start serving breakfast at 6 in the morning and the menu looks like that breakfast could be just what one needs.

  • Fabian
    • 12
    • 6
    • 20. Feb 2007

    Nice gastgarten to eat, drink and play backgammon in summer. I really appreciate the (new) winter-garden-like non-smoking area! But keep in mind that it might be (totally) crowded on weekends

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 171
    • 01. Nov 2006

    Kent is big on atmosphere and usually low on price. They have a few vegetarian and vegan-friendly items on the menu and are open until 0200 most evenings. A little intimidating from the outside, but once you get past the first room, the restaurant opens up into a large and hospitable eating area, divided into smoking and non-smoking. In the summertime you have to come here just to experience their large open garden area, with room for 100 or more guests.