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30 reviews for Kuishimbo

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  • Jay G.
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    • 01. Aug 2012

    Kuishimbo was everything I had expected it to be - small, sassy and packs a punch in its little servings. Come here for some old fashioned Japanese dishes and the ambience of the Naschmarkt crowd. I liked it and will be back, especially in these warmer months where I can still manage the minute outdoor seating area.

  • Floor Drees
    • 612
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    • 31. Jul 2012

    Normally I would not walk in here (alone). That would've been my loss. I had dinner with a friend and coworker here yesterday. I had the salty soybeans, seaweed-carrots-tofu thingy and we shared some spinach maki and macha icecream with sweet red beans. Loved it. Enough choice for vegetarians and vegans alike.

    Service can be a bit slow as the (cute little) place fills up. And I'll take an extra dish next time, as the portions are not all too big... I'd love to sit outside and look over Naschmarkt for my next visit!

  • Momo
    • 67
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    • 29. Nov 2011

    Just like food stalls in Tokyo this little "restaurant" has, despite being really small, his own flair.
    Against common believe that japanese people eat mostly just sushi, Kuishimbo serves traditional home-cooking. That means a lot of different Ramen or Udon Soups, Okonomiyaki or Rice bowl Dishes (Donburi) are to choose from. With a lot of different side dishes like Natto-pancake or Ebi Fry.
    The food is delicious and also well known to in Vienna living japanese people.
    The only small flaw is that the food, especailly because it is mainly home cooking stuff (so acutally nothing really special) is a bit expensive. So not something for everyday.
    Also if I mean little I mean super small. There is just place for maybe 6 people in the shop. In summer you can sit outside but I guess the direct view on the quite busy Wienzeile street is not everyones cuppa.

    Still good for an interesting lunch.

  • Diana N.
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    • 13. Nov 2011

    very good japanese restaurant, love the ambiance!

  • Towersmaster T.
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    • 28. Jul 2011

    Very small but the best UDON soups you can get in Vienna

  • Ladymeow2000
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    • 21. Jul 2011

    The best Japanese food in Vienna, Austria. Small place but full of flavor, warm hospitality and good sake.

  • Ken L.
    • 3
    • 04. Feb 2011

    The Japanese couple runs the restaurant, with their hoem cooking style, very good in deep one of the best I had for home style Japanese food outside Japan, Place is small, and menu is in Japanese and German only, but the boss do speak english and they are friendly too. I had a Sake Don its very good will go back for other food in the menu for sure.

  • Scotty The Body
    • 82
    • 35
    • 13. Aug 2010

    Best Japanese food I have had in Vienna. I'm no expert in Japanese cuisine, but I have been to Japan, and this was the closest I have found.

  • Albert Bock
    • 40
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    • 24. Feb 2009

    Having spent four summers in a row in Japan in the late 1990s, I never got rid of a very strong craving for authentic Japanese food. Kuishimbo is a place where I can finally get unadulterated Izakaya fare with a Southern Japanese twist: Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima, Kasutera from Kyushu (a 15th century Portuguese influence) and many more delights. This is the real thing, not the usual, in-flight menu style pan-Asian fusion crap many Viennese seem to love. If you are looking for a recommendation and have no objections against raw squid, then try the Ika-Natto. It is heavenly.

  • Philippe
    • 8
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    • 06. Oct 2008

    Where oh where can you find those wonderful Japanese soups in Vienna? Right here.
    Tiny place, wonderful cooking.

  • amaterasu98
    • 81
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    • 06. Oct 2008

    "Japanese Homecooking" at its best! I've been there many times, but haven't managed to try all the dishes, yet. My favorite is the Oyakodon, but everything is delicious and fresh made by the friendly couple from Kyoto.

  • kigo
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    • 23. Jun 2008

    great place fo real japanese food from real japanese people, if you don't understand the names of the dishes, doesn't matter they're all good

  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 24. Jun 2007

    Very small, very intimate, very authentic. You will see dishes you have probably never heard of, or tasted before. I recommend going here in an adventurous mood.

  • Jethred A.
    • 25
    • 24. Apr 2007

    Fantastic, authentic down-home Japanese food. It may surprise if your idea of Japanese cuisine is just sushi.

  • DNL
    • 34
    • 63
    • 12. Nov 2006

    I agree whole-heartedly. Kuishimbo is the most authentic japanese restaurant I've ever been to in Vienna and the owners are super nice.

  • tobe
    • 86
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    • 01. Nov 2006

    The smallest (2 x 4 meters) japanese restaurant in Vienna is run by a friendly couple from Kyoto.

    Thus, it features lot's of traditional warm cuisine from the Kyoto area, and other japanese specials that you won't find anywhere else easily.

    The owners are very polite and motivated, sometimes a little overworked so be sure to bring some patience if you visit during rush hour.

    All meals posted in Japanese and English language, with season specials and an ever-changing range.

    Be sure to try the eel and the spicy pickles salads!

    Closed sundays, unfortunately.