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1070 Vienna
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  • Floor Drees
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    • 24. Mar 2012

    Had lunch here today. Nice enough weather to sit outside and enjoy my pita Landia (even though I really have troubles eating a pita in a somehow charming way) and bio-ish cola. Forgot the name of the dish of my tablemate, but it sure tasted great. If only I could eat here every day, being a vegetarian or even vegan seems a piece of cake (vegan cake, that is)!

  • Nxpnsv M.
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    • 02. Oct 2011

    Tasty-tasty Austrian style vegetarian and vegan food! Also the chef was really nice and really cared we liked the food. Delicious ice cream with pumpkin seed oil.

  • Schnidelibue .
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    • 10. Jun 2011

    quite nice veg* place go for the "zwiebelrostbraten"

  • Ilona A.
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    • 01. Sep 2010

    The daily main dish was good and healthy and costed only EUR 6,20. The interior is cozy and it seems like a nice place to hang out as there are board games and lots of books available.

  • whatelse
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    • 10. Feb 2010

    I had the pleasure of going here last time I was in Vienna. Nice atmosphere and great food. Can't wait until I get a chance to go back here next time I am in town. Which will be soon!

  • Claudia
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    • 26. Jul 2009

    I love this place. Delicious, healthy and vegan. I've been there a couple of times and was never disappointed.

    On a side note, the other day I asked the chef if they could prepare a simple and vegan biscuit-cake for my birthday and though it's not part of what they do, they took the time to make it and the result was great.

  • Mike
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    • 26. May 2009

    Was again at Landia and love it!

    I can't say enough good things about Landia. For a high quality, healthy vegetarian (most items are vegan!) meal, prepared by a highly traveled and skilled chef who talks about the Sex Pistols, GBH and The Exploited (old 70s punk bands) while preparing your meal, I can't recommend anything better in Vienna at the moment.

    Their fixed menu is finally rounding out, with the addition of their vegan doener kebap in vegan / kosher pita and their amazing zwiebel roastbraten w/ knoedel, and their homemade samosa w/ side-salad appetizer.

    They've also hired new waiting staff to help from time to time, which is slowly improving the speed and quality of service. It's great to be served by the cook, chef and owners, but, sometimes they need the extra help.

  • essiegabi
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    • 08. Apr 2009

    Went here a second time not so long ago. Had a goulash soup and a schnitzel, vegan of course. Both were great. Only thing is that you have to wait long for your food and you have to watch out if no one else gets your beer, but I have to admit we were with a big group of hungy vegan people, so I can't really complain.
    Great books to look through, and a cute little dog.

  • hellmood
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    • 08. Apr 2009

    If you don't care that much about being served in a professional way and enjoy good vegetarian and vegan food in a relaxed athmosphere then this is the place for you.

    The owners and personel are super nice but not very well organized. Prices are ok and the quality of the food is great.

  • stephi
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    • 22. Mar 2009

    i enjoyed a very nice dinner there, had a lentilsoup and vegetable lasagne which were both very good - nice atmosphere aswell and friendly people.

  • mahali
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    • 12. Feb 2009

    been there today...the service was nice, the food was really good...although the staff was a bit chaotic and at first didn't know what to give me since I'm vegan, but then she decided, they'll make the daily dish vegan for me, since it was made with paneer,but they subsituted it with tofu. I had a lentil soup and a curry with okra, tofu and chickpeas a fantastic mango chutney and cucumber salad to go with it. I wish they would add fresh made juices to their range

  • last_shit
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    • 09. Feb 2009

    vienna has only few vegetarian restaurants, so I'm happy to see a new one opening up. it's really well located with all those shopping-streets around that area, yet it's very quiet and hidden. maybe I was there a little late for lunch, but I feel like people haven't really noticed this new spot yet. well, good for us ;)
    there was nothing to complain about the food (in fact it was delicious), the service was nice and the prices are super fair (I hope that won't change once landia get's more crowded).
    I'll definitely return! :)

  • crl!
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    • 06. Feb 2009

    really good food, affordable, nice (not too fancy) place.

    i really like the shelf filled with travel guides and books!

    it's also conveniant located, what else can you ask for?!

  • essiegabi
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    • 13. Jan 2009

    Tonight we went for a dinner party at the recently opened Landia, a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the 7th district. I had samosa with a salad and melanzani, which was very good, but did not get anything else to eat because there was nothing left (and they had forgotten some orders, not just mine). The only thing I could get, was Apfelstrudel, which was a bit boring. But with the Frenchy's Apfelstrudel in mind, plus the ones from my grandmother in law, it is kind of hard for anyone else to compete.
    I give it 3 stars for now, but will come back after some time to try more. I am pretty sure the problems they had this evening were getting-started-problems, and the fact that we had reserved for 8 and 14 of us came :)

  • Mike
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    • 08. Jan 2009

    Landia is off to a great start after 1 day of being open to the public. A veggie / vegan cafe in the 7th, Landia is run by the ex-cook from St. Josefs and will feature daily lunch and dinner menus and soups, with small items for takeaway. Now that St. Josefs is over-priced and underwhelming, Landia is bringing the best of the best from Josefs and trying to do it right.

    The location is brilliant, right off of Neubaugasse and the cafe itself is wonderfully laid out. The location is split into 3 areas, a cafe-style area with room for 30 people, with a huge bar area in-between and ended with a small dining area, well-lit, with lots of travel and cooking-related books to read and enjoy.

    Free WLAN and set menus are coming in the near future, and they are open from 1000-2200 Monday through Saturday. Oh and Czech folk music from the 60s and 70s are currently streaming over the sounds system, giving it just a little extra oompf on the ambience scale.

    • I was always a fan of that location when it was Cafe Ahorn, but never ventured in (is that the right location?). Anyway, do you know if it has a decent nichtraucher area? That's what kept me out of Cafe Ahorn (and most other restaurants in Vienna these days).

    • The nichtraucher area is 'decent'. They have completely separated the smoking from the non-smoking, with a large area in-between (it's very wide restaurant).

      The one 'problem' is that in-between both is a small bar area, so if you have a lot of drinkers, who smoke, you'll get some secondary smoke from them. Last night it wasn't too bad, as there was only one smoker at the bar. Overall, better than the majority of nichtraucher areas in Wien.

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