Loving Hut - Vegane Küche

Neubaugürtel 38/5, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Neubaugürtel 38/5
1070 Vienna
+43 1 2939182

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  • Floor Drees
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    • 01. May 2012

    Try the sommerrollen (summer rolls), they are VERY tasty. The hazelnut latte (veganized, ofcourse) is surprisingly good. As are the smoothies.

  • Kari S.
    • 5
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    • 12. Mar 2012

    Surprisingly good! I had a vegetable curry that was tasty and a real apple juice. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. Location works for me because of the closeness of the main library where I spent lots of time.Try it if your are in the area.

  • Selikal4 S.
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    • 25. Sep 2011

    the best vegan restaurant in vienna with a very calm and lovely guest garden in the yard behind.

  • samito
    • 29
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    • 12. Aug 2011

    Their Kung Pao with cashews and brown rice is to die for!

    Everything else - from spooky Supreme Master TV to the nice little garden in the back - has already been mentioned.

  • Munee S.
    • 17
    • 8
    • 30. Nov 2010

    Just went there for lunch today and had the tofu with rice and veggies! I was pleasantly surprised by the tastiness! Not expensive and delicious!

  • Wow517 W.
    • 1
    • 20. Mar 2010

    had a kungpao and it was fantastic!

  • Anna
    • 9
    • 19
    • 02. Oct 2009

    especially love their döner kebab and cheesecake! so delicious.

  • Julie
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    • 01. Oct 2009

    Had Falafel that were amazing! Salad and tomatoes were fre1sh, falafel was hot (fresh made, I believe). I chose take-away and got it after waiting for about 5 minutes.. Definitely worth the wait..
    Staff was extremely friendly and nice (They don't speak German though, but their English is very good.)
    Great place, but not very cheap. (Especially milk shakes and cakes are quite expensive.)

  • Wolfgang D.
    • 50
    • 35
    • 02. Aug 2009

    Once you have passed the noisy and stinking entry, and the rather inefficient and computer-problems ridden ordering process, rather good food comes out of the kitchen served by friendly people. The garden in the back is also nice and masks out much of the crappiness of the surroundings.

  • crl!
    • 106
    • 43
    • 18. Jul 2009

    als ich das schild zum ersten mal gesehen habe, dachte ich "was fuer ein euphemistischer name fuer ein puff", ist es doch zwischen allerhand "nachtclubs" am vielbefahrenen guertel platziert. dementsprechend ist drinnen sitzen (vor allem im sommer) keine besonders gemuetliche angelegenheit. der hintergarten ist dafuer um so toller.
    das essen war vorzueglich (der loving hut burger, das sushi und der taco-teller), die lassis eher wie pudding und die 2 buecher von der surpreme master ("the birds in my life", "the dogs in my life" trugen sehr zur unterhaltung bei. jetzt will ich auch mal surpreme master werden!

  • schroettner
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    • 17. Jul 2009

    Starting a (all vegan) restaurant isn't that easy probably. So it's easy to excuse that there were hardly any drinks left and most of the desserts were out too. But the "Kung Pao Chicken", the "Golden Tofu Steak" and the raw "Summer Rolls" were really great. Definitely a recommendation. In summer the garden is quite okay - although you are sitting in a courtyard surrounded by apartment buildings.

  • Mike
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    • 17. Jul 2009

    I was pleasantly surprised.

    I know of the Loving Hut from their locations in the US, so I went hoping they would have had some of their US specialties (vegan club sandwich with fries, vegan cheesecake), but no luck there.

    What I did find was a great Kung Pao "Chicken", nice service in a clean location, that has a somewhat secret garden in the back. Though, the actual location on the Guertel leaves much to be desired as it's a pretty bleak area and view.

    But that's all well and good when they are bringing out free vegan pastries to taste and serving an awesome fried cinnamon-banana ice cream sundae with frozen fruit in the bottom of it! Oh and also they have non-alcoholic wines and soon vegan-cocktails.

  • melanie
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    • 16. Jul 2009

    checked out this new all vegan joint in 1070.
    - the location is central but strange: right on a stop light on Gürtel with nosy people gawking at you while you are eating.
    - part of chain of restaurants that belongs to the Supreme Master (look her up, it's weird shit) which is a minus in my book b/c i dislike spirituality/ religion with my cake
    - the food i tried so far is good, ok mix of austrian, asian and american cuisine; pasta, mock sea food, gluten schnitzel and more. great desserts (we got some free very delicious chocolate cake and zucchini cake with frosting). the smoothie was very expensive (3,90 EUR for a small glass)

    i will definitely go back to try some more of their items, the doner, the burger etc. but i don't see it becoming a favourite.

    oh, and check out the huge heart shaped sign with poetry on the wall. snort!