McFIT Fitnessstudio Wien Neubau (7. Bezirk)

Mariahilferstraße 96, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Mariahilferstraße 96
1070 Vienna
Vienna, Austria
+43 1 5226870open now

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  • Joempsimmons J.
    • 1
    • 18. Feb 2016

    This organisation changed my entire home. The employees of So Effortless made my house so clean, it looks the same way like when I first moved in. I totally recommend them to every one.

  • Gipe G.
    • 1
    • 14. Feb 2013

    The place is awesome, well frequented, with a wide choice of cardio-fitness as well as bodybuilding exercises. Instructors are very kind. The first training session is free of charge. Open 8 am to 8 pm. Re-com-men-ded! Gia

  • Stefdj S.
    • 1
    • 27. Sep 2011


  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 07. Feb 2011

    Been a member for a few weeks there now and I'm pleasantly surprised. Initially I was worried that at such a low price (EUR 18.90 / month) it would be completely over-crowded with muscle-heads with the smells to match.

    I was amazed when I walked in for a tour that the employees were all extremely nice and helpful, the place was perfectly clean (and their cleaning crew seems to be on-site at all times) and the machines were all new and plentiful. Sure the cardio area can get packed during peak hours, but I'm more of an early-morning or late-late-night gym goer, so there is always a free treadmill, elliptical or rowing machine.

    McFit seems to have gotten the perfect mixture of self-service gym (which is what I want) with some of the full-service amenities one would expect.

    Also, 24 hours is a dream and for 18,90 a month I can also get into any of their franchises around Germany, Austria and Spain.