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Naschmarkt Stand 421-436
1060 Vienna

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  • Gem
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    • 07. Jun 2012

    Been at the Naschmarkt Deli a few times already. There's one dish on their menu that I tend to order that always comes without one Börek. I don't know why and I also don't know why I keep ordering it, but it somewhat has manifested in my mind as an annoyance.

    I remember one of about three times when the waiter herself realized that the Börek was missing, one time me reminding the – kind of annoyed – waiter of it and one time where I just didn't get it. I'm talking about years here, so that might have changed in the meantime. I think the waiter who realized herself that it was missing was the last time I ordered it.

    Besides that I think that the Naschmarkt Deli is kind of expensive. I mean that's okay if service and food are perfect, but as you might have noticed already that's not my experience.

    I do understand though why people give good ratings. Especially in the summer it's nice to sit outside on the sunny Naschmarkt.

  • imprints
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    • 22. Mar 2012

    The hummus here is really nice. I also usually order a soup or if I feel like more, an all day breakfast choice. A relaxed atmosphere which I like, especially around Naschmarkt.

  • Floor Drees
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    • 13. Mar 2012

    Great place to enjoy a coffee during the day or a beer in the evening. Fast service although the place was packed with people. Seriously think they should reconsider the amount of chairs. One can feel fat, when trying to get to restroom without bumping into people/chairs/tables...

    I can only imagine how very hot it must be in here in the summer...

    • Actually in summer the big windows are wide open and most people sit outside. it's really nice in the summer.

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  • Absinthe
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    • 21. Jul 2010

    Been there for the first time for the Tupalo party. The location is great in summer, the place is stylish but not terribly overdone, the service is nice and good and the food not only looked great but tasted great as well.
    My favorite thing about the Deli: The variety of beverages. A few of my favorites were on the menu: Fritz Limo (cherry or melon), Makava and Arizona Iced Tea. Will definitely come back again.

  • AJ
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    • Vienna
    • 20. Jul 2010

    been there last week at the very coolish tupalo party :)

    nice place at the naschmarkt, the steak toast i had was also pretty good. i can imagine the place being pretty crowded during summer, but it's definitely worth a look =)

  • ıʇsuoɔ
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    • 17. Jul 2010

    Waren gestern dort zum Community Treffen! War wirklich toll, nette Bedienung und leckeres Essen & Trinken! Das Deli ist definitiv einer der Hot-Spots am Naschmarkt!

  • last_shit
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    • 08. Aug 2009

    typical naschmarkt-bobo-spot!
    so it's quite busy, especially on saturdays but the food is only recommendable. very, very, very delicious food and there's also a nice range of different breakfasts to choose from, contaning hot drinks. prices are just fair. like it.

  • FM1721
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    • 07. Jan 2009

    stylish restaurant but alsways very busy and hard to get a table. mixed starters are really recommendable.

  • stefanschmoelz
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    • 29. Aug 2008

    I really like this spot. I've been there for breakfast often. Apart from the very good breakfast the have a great verity of snacks and main dishes. Last week I had a pastrami sandwich which was very big and tasty.

  • Helge
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    • 26. Apr 2008

    Definitely the best ceiling decoration in Vienna. Apart from that decent food and coffee. Favorite Bobo spot. See and be seen. Too crowded at times.

    • If I'm correct the ceiling is one huge picture showing coffee beans ?

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  • Mike
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    • 13. Jan 2007

    Before I ended up working full-time x2 the Deli was where anyone could find me. Their hummus is 9 times out of 10 absolutely perfect and their all you can eat bread policy is a damn good one. The addition of a falafel wrap to their menu was a brilliant one and for the price, it's a monster deal which could almost feed 2 people if you're counting the salad and all the lovely grease pouring off of it. There are quite a few vegan options and even more vegetarian ones, so, those preferring no meat need not worry.

    The atmosphere is of course Naschmarkt, it's usually hit or miss, depending on if there's a hip music festival going on or not or if some hip DJ is spinning at another location.

    The service is also a bit hit or miss, sometimes you've got an extremely nice waiter/tress who is one step below Mother Theresa or the Pope, the other time you have an aspiring actress/model who thinks you should be photographing her while she's conveniently ignoring your need for a refill of bread.

    • Nice place - friendly waiter - good music. But I made the mistake of ordering a pastrami sandwich and clearly they have no idea what pastrami is. What I got was ham. If you don't know what pastrami is or don't have access to the real thing, take it off the menu!

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