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U-Bahnstation Westbahnhof
1150 Vienna

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  • ahab
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    • 02. Feb 2012

    It took me some time until I properly discovered Paolo's. A shame! But still I'm thankful that I was lucky enough to be introduces to its allure.

    By then it was already well on its way to one of the most celebrated spots of the digital scene. And with good reason, too.

    The charming padrone and his dedicated staff embrace technology and make their visitors feel allright, for however long or brief their stay might be. They give life to a venue that could just as easily be "some joint down at the train station's". But it isn't.
    It is the place where you get Vienna's most memorable Chai-Latte, in two stunning flavours. It is the place to go for wholemeal flour pasta with a range of sauces - to eat wherever you want. In the eating corner with a view at the stressed-out travellers running for their trains, or the spectacle of an endless stream of people on their way to and fro between subway 6, subway 3, upper Mariahilfer Straße, or Mariahilfer Straße proper. On your way, waiting for the next train. Or in your destination, fondly remembering the place with so much more to offer that you didn't taste yet. But you will return. And you will try more.

  • Natalia P.
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    • 28. Oct 2011

    Nom nom nom... This is what I sound like when I have their fantastic hazelnut croissant with a creamy cappuccino.

    This place has friendly staff, good coffee, and very nice sweets. I also had a focaccia once - which is something not so common in Vienna - and I liked it.

    I was told their lunch options are also good, but I never tried myself. Based on my experience with the rest of their food, it's probably true.
    It is a great place to grab food and coffee-to-go: I always try to go there rather than Stroeck, if I'm buying food at Westbahnhof.
    It is such a pity that Paolo's is downstairs in a metro station, away from light - if it weren't I'd probably go a lot more often and actually spend time there!

  • kathaka
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    • 15. Sep 2011

    immer wenn ich u-bahnbedingt auf westbahnhof-durchreise bin, gibt's einen obligatorischen zwischenstopp beim paolo's. hier gibt's wirklich alles was das snackerherz begehrt von ciabatta, über pasta zu süßigkeiten für zwischendurch und natürlich drinks to go. zugegebenermaßen, geht's woanders am westbahnhof billiger, aber bei paolo's stimmt die qualität und ich hab das personal wirklich noch nie unfreundlich erlebt. besonders toll find ich, dass hier nachhaltigkeit und soziale verantwortung keine fremdwörter sind.
    ps: unbedingt den paolo's shake (milkshake mit reingemixten oreos) probieren!!

  • Jurie
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    • 23. Mar 2011

    I've been going here more often and my opinion on Paolo's has improved a lot. So, another review with a better rating. (Also I talked to the owner and he explained the whole panini thing to me.)

    Try their chili!

  • heckmueller
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    • 18. Mar 2011

    During the last year, the quality of the food was always exceptional, be it the snacks, the pasta or the sweets. Especially the (Dirty) Chai Latte is a treat and evan vegan customers find a modest selection.

    The staff is always helpful and friendly, even to a degree that's unusual for Austria. Lines only form during peak times, and even then you rarely wait for longer then 5 min. until you're served. They even have a special menu for blind people.

    On the downside, they have no electrical outlets or a strong heating, so sadly it's no impro working space.

    All in all, I can think of no reason to not recommend them. Most of the negative points mentioned in other comments have obviously been dramatically improved, as I'm a regular and never once had any of those issues.

  • Kati P.
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    • 17. Jan 2010

    Great coffee (illy!), great ciabattas, nice staff! I`m definitely coming back there :) Perfect breakfast and take-away lunch destination in Vienna!

  • AJ
    • 36
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    • Vienna
    • 30. Jan 2009

    for such a quick take away store i really like it

    i never had any bad experience with the staff, they were always friendly and nice too look at .. well, when you're a man ;)

    you really get a lot of pasta for the price, but i would go for the ciabattas. they heat them up in 30 seconds and they really taste good and the price is around 2,6 to 2,9 which is ok

    i once tried the tomato soup and that you really shouldn't take, because it's not really a soup, more like a sauce and wasn't good at all

  • Enrico J.
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    • 29. Jan 2009

    I really liked it! The pasta was al dente, the girls looked nice and the espresso was original italien style. I also like the ciabatte/panini what ever you call it.

  • Absinthe
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    • 15. Nov 2008

    Usually, I have to wait for a really long time to receive my desired food, which is only a little annoying when being on lunch break and not having that much time to wait in line. The first time I had to wait about 15-20 minutes for my pasta, because the sauce wasn't hot yet, then someone else received the wrong pasta and they had to re-do theirs before they could get to my order, then they had to re-heat my noodles because they've turned cold again in the process...
    The pasta comes in two sizes - huge and a little more huge. Which is a good thing. Don't order pasta if you're only a little hungry.
    The ciabattas come in interesting flavors and combinations, which all look delicious indeed and not only look like that. All in all, ok for lunch break or breakfast (yes, they do offer breakfast as well --> muesli and muffins and such) and the quality of the food is good but I do have a feeling that sometimes the people behind the counter are a little...lost.

  • Jurie
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    • 14. Nov 2008

    Still skeptical. Lacklustre staff, long lines at times. Yesterday, staff-person 1 ran off in panic after being asked for coffee. Staff-person 2 thought "mocca was with milk". (OK, why the lady in front of me ordered a mocca in an Italian place I don't know, but still.) Coffee was baseline Illy quality - they'd have to make an effort to make it taste worse. But I would appreciate them making an effort to make it taste better.

    Today, seduced by the huge signs saying "PANINI", I wanted a panini. Only, they don't have paninis... I asked the semi-motivated staff-lady qho said "We have ciabattas". OK, can you heat those?, I asked, figuring that was their idea of a panini. "Sure, if you want," and nuked the ciabatta of my choice in a microwave, instead of in a panini toaster. Soggy. Still, ingredients are nice. For Vienna these are actually decent sandwiches.

    • OK, I need to correct that. I talked to a more knowledgable person today and learned that:
      a) That's not a microwave, it's an oven
      b) 'panini' to them is a ciabatta heated in the oven
      I still wouldn't call that a panini, but at least now we know.

    • you want a panino and they don't have panini ;)

    • 'Panini' is the plural form of 'panino'...

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