Pizza Mari'

Leopoldsgasse 23a, 1020 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Leopoldsgasse 23a
1020 Vienna
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  • Jenni H.
    • 2
    • 20. Jan 2016

    The pizza was very tasty.They always make own customers satisfy.I would like to Recommended this to all.

  • Avorie T.
    • 2
    • 21. Mar 2015

    It is really good.. they know what they are doing and really made sure they make it right every time!! thank you

  • Gareth P.
    • 16
    • 1
    • 15. Jan 2013

    Pizza genial

  • honk
    • 1
    • 2
    • 12. Nov 2012

    WARNING! Once you go there, you won't be able to eat pizza elsewhere. It's f***ing DELICOUS!
    Bestest pizza in town!

  • Jay G.
    • 166
    • 19
    • 14. Aug 2012

    It's pretty packed and they specialise in what they say - pizza! Still, I liked it, good pizza and will be back again.

  • Emma E.
    • 5
    • 2
    • 25. Apr 2012

    Best pizza in town for sure!!

  • schroettner
    • 145
    • 63
    • 23. Apr 2012

    Best pizza in town (even for a vegan). Seriously. If you go there for dinner, make sure to get a reservation. Otherwise it's pretty hard to get a table.
    P.S.: You should get the olives too. Really meaty.

  • roxygen
    • 52
    • 13
    • 09. Mar 2012

    best pizza in town!

  • glenno
    • 9
    • 5
    • 12. Jan 2012

    Went here on a recommendation and I can definitely give it a thumbs up too! Make sure you try the pizzas without tomato sauce, the one we had was covered in salad and parmesan cheese. Nice combo.

    My only complaint would be that they need to provide better knives :) it was pretty exhausting cutting up a whole pizza... but maybe I should have eaten with my hands!

  • Munee S.
    • 17
    • 8
    • 08. Aug 2010

    I like the pizza here. It's better than a lot of other places in the city but I've definitely had better. The crust is a bit too chewy. Otherwise the ingredients are good quality and fresh.

    If you like Napoli style pizza, Riva is good!

  • tomoegozen
    • 19
    • 18
    • 22. Jul 2010

    excellent. nothing more to say.

  • Scotty The Body
    • 82
    • 35
    • 18. Sep 2009

    Wow! What a surprise. I had no idea. A friend suggested we eat here for lunch one day and the pizzas were the best I have had yet in Vienna.

    The selection is limited, but you don't need much more than a good pizza and a beer, right?

    The crust was obviously made from a good dough. The pizzas themselves came from the oven cooked to perfection: bubbly, slightly crispy crust with just the right amount of chew, with centers that were solid yet almost gooey. Really, really good.

    There are some other nice pizzas to be had in Vienna: il Mare, i Carusi, il Sestante. But this one seems to have the best combination of attention to detail, quality ingredients and just enough love.

  • Chris P.
    • 8
    • 29. Aug 2009

    Sorry, can't quite agree with what's been said before. I found the pizza just ok, nothing special, and the staff is always pretending to be super busy for no good reason.

    • Nothing to add... except: you're absolutely right! Completely over-hyped eatery.

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  • last_shit
    • 84
    • 30
    • 18. Jul 2009

    best pizza I ever had!

  • DNL
    • 34
    • 63
    • 03. Jun 2009

    hands down: best pizza i have had in the past 5 or so years, if not ever. the marinara is devine. everything is freshly made, and that includes the tomato sauce.
    this is what a pizza should taste like.

  • milo
    • 9
    • 38
    • 02. Jun 2009

    i like the minimal style of the restaurant and of the pizza. there is not much choice, but as often this is a good sign. pizzas are marvellous. service is straight.

  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 30. Jul 2008

    Ich war noch nicht da, aber das Konzept gefaellt mir prinzipiell:

    Pretentioes muss nicht immer schlecht sein :)

    (3 stars because there is no other way to add this info :P)