Plachutta Wollzeile

Wollzeile 38, 1010 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Wollzeile 38
1010 Vienna
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  • Sara H.
    • 13
    • 08. Mar 2014

    Tafelspiz is the sophisticated brother of Schnitzel: Boiled beef in broth, served with hash browns and apple and horseradish sauce. Before (or after) the meat, you can also have only the broth as a soup with vegetables. Plachutta is a chain that arguably makes the gold standard of Tafelspiz. Since we didn't try it anywhere else, I can't comment on this but it's definitively delicious here. Even though every tourist goes there, you can usually find a lot of locals in business outfits as well.

  • Takeshichen T.
    • 17
    • 26. Dec 2013

    No matter whom you ask, they will always recommend to try this place. And indeed it's the best place to try the Tafelspitz (boiled beef with potatoes and spinach). Prices are very decent and staff is professional. Wine list could use some upgrade.

  • imprints
    • 163
    • 19
    • 26. Jan 2012

    Very good Austrian restaurant, although I prefer the one in Hietzing as this one is a bit touristy. Nevertheless, good solid service and tasty Austrian cuisine. Had an enjoyable meal and would return to Plachutta yet again.

  • Jurie
    • 218
    • 74
    • 29. Jun 2007

    Just had dinner here tonight, for the first time. We wanted to go to Figlmueller, but both of them had tourists standing in line.

    I had a schnitzel, my companion had a steak. The steak was excellent, the schnitzel was nice but it just ain't the same without some mayonnaisesalat - even the best schnitzel just becomes dry and boring on it's own if you ask me.

    Service was good if not great. The whole place feels more touristy than other, um, touristy restaurants. Partially this was because, well, it's full of tourists. Partially it's the incessant selling of those damn cookbooks. I own a copy, quit shoving it in my face already.

  • Ordovicium
    • 57
    • 1
    • 19. Jun 2007

    Typical Austrian food. A little bit expansive, but if you like to eat a Tafelspitz you have no other choice where you can get the best one.

  • ischilling
    • 29
    • 11
    • 04. Feb 2007

    The Plachutta is an institution if you are looking for the typical, Austrian, Tafelspitz (not only in Vienna).

    The service is excellent, they even maintain the typical "Viennese" waiter style but they are not that vulgar like some other Vienna restaurant waiters.

    Clothing is relaxed, so you don't need to wear evening dress.

    Pricing is on a higher level, my experience is: Three beer, a bottle wine of good (not extraordinary) quality, three water bottles and Tafelspitz for three people comes to round about EUR 130.

    A reservation should be done at any time. This place is NO tourist trap, it is more a "business like" place since a lot of companies invite their guest for lunch or dinner here.