Rave Up Records Inh Doris Schartmüller

Hofmühlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Hofmühlgasse 1
1060 Vienna
+43 1 5969650

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  • Floor Drees
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    • 22. Dec 2011

    Went there again today. When the owner found out that I'm from Holland he became quite chatty. Maybe it had something to do with me saying that the song he just 'put on' (Lonely boy - The Black Keys) is my 2011' favorite. Or just because he gets a lot of his records from the Netherlands... Either way: great service but just as pricey as before.

  • Floor Drees
    • 612
    • 222
    • 14. Nov 2011

    Great record store, a bit on the expensive side though. They played 'Rome' when we entered, my favorite record, so I felt right at home. Next time I'll pick up one of their green totes and a record or two.

  • Adam B.
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    • 09. Nov 2010

    gut sortierter plattenladen!
    Save the vinyl!

  • batesman
    • 30
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    • 21. Feb 2008

    If I liked Indie music I'd probably move into Rave Up. But they have bunched of other genres as well, ranging from Rock, Psychedelic to various forms of Electronica. They're really stand-up people, too, always open for suggestions and helpful with finding stuff.

    Support your local record store!

  • andi
    • 14
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    • 02. Jan 2007

    my favorite place for record shopping.
    i love the history and the stories told there.
    the owner is a hell of a guy.
    the records are chosen well, lotsa good indie (and some other stuff i don't find interessting) and sometimes the old records of the owner. i found some originals there in top condition...

  • tobe
    • 86
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    • 21. Dec 2006

    Being a complete change-of-taste concerning music, I generally lack the insights of the true devotee in most areas.

    I still got treated nicely upon asking questions that would make fans and groupies cringe, and eventually ended up buying one or the other recommended albums. I never regretted that so far. Really nice people there.

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 09. Dec 2006

    Everything from indie rock to electronica to jazz to soul, Rave Up has everything you could ever need in one cramped and smoky shop. The owners are absolutely amazing people who you can tell are fans of the music for years, not there to make a quick buck of the latest fad. The employees working there are a bit hit and miss, sometimes you'll get the snooty record snob who stares like you've just desecrated the vinyl gods, this is probably the closest shop in Vienna that brings back memories of High Fidelity but I love every minute of it.

  • melanie
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    • 16. Nov 2006

    the Rave Up has been my recorddealer of choice for over 15 years now. The people owning and running this fine store know their shit, the owner always has an interesting story to tell and a minute to talk about the good old times and the good old current times. Prices are ok for vinyl, you can find many old out-of-print albums here and you can find a wide variety of indie, electronica, hip hop, soundtracks, and so much more here.