Musikbar Rhiz

Lerchenfelder Gürtel 37-38, 1080 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Lerchenfelder Gürtel 37-38
1080 Vienna
+43 1 4092505open now

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  • Floor Drees
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    • 222
    • 18. Apr 2012

    I really like all these music venues under the subway rails at the Gürtel. Rhiz is no exception. Enjoyed a cool concert (/album release) here yesterday. And even some disco-dancing.

    The walls are covered with posters and announcements for (future) concerts. The staff is friendly and the beers are 'lekker'. With all the noise of the subway this might not be the best venue for a unplugged folky singer-songwriter act though...

  • drea
    • 87
    • 19
    • 15. Apr 2012

    They serve good beer (Starobrno) and good music! It's a small venue for concerts and it's cozy ^.^ In summer you can sit outside and the staff is very nice!

  • Schnidelibue .
    • 50
    • 22
    • 10. Jun 2011

    good place for indie concerts (mostly electronic music). if the artist is somehow known its fast getting very crowded ...

  • Saltipepper K.
    • 13
    • 7
    • 26. Aug 2010

    all said already. crazy midnightpeople. best place to sit outside. best place to discover new music.

    my favorite djanes: sir trallala, costa caspary, please stay at home, game boy music club, fleischmann

  • Mantis
    • 44
    • 4
    • 02. Sep 2008

    Only two words to describe this place: Fucking crazy!!!!

    Either you love it, or you hate it.

  • DNL
    • 34
    • 63
    • 07. Jun 2008

    i give it 5 stars, too, which is rare. rhiz is just chill and one of the more mature places up on the gürtel. which sounds fantastically snobby, but i dont mean it that way. anyway, nice place, good music and a joy in summer when you can sit outside, too.

  • ilias
    • 77
    • 30
    • 29. Apr 2008

    one of my favorite clubs in this town. i love going there not knowing whats happening that night and then see cool crazy stuff on and off stage. i guess the rhiz attracts lots of weird people but most of them are weird in a cool way :D

    my favorite clubnight is the "popkulturgemüsebeet" hosted by sir tralala, you see cool bands for free and go shaky to strange songs.


  • Al S.
    • 1
    • 08. Dec 2007

    Rhiz is a wonderful friendly place. For those interested in alternative music of all kind its a must. Just one serious advise:

    Watch your bags and clothing. This counts for all places in this Gürtel - Area.

  • maerzbow
    • 35
    • 14
    • 27. Nov 2007

    Definitely the best place in Vienna to listen to avantgarde concerts.

    ... and the best place for artists to play at!

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 171
    • 05. Nov 2006

    Rhiz is without a doubt the best club in Vienna to have a drink with friends AND discover new and obscure electronic artists and DJs. The sound system is intense for such a small room, so remember to bring your earplugs if you're going to see a noise show. The service is great, with all the waiters and waitresses being super cool and surprisingly pleasant. I say surprisingly because they are on the Gürtel, so I'm sure they have their fair share of the insane walking in and out.

    Rhiz is also a longtime supporter of advanced technology, offering live streaming audio and video over the internet, probably before most of us even knew it were possible.