Schikaneder Kino

Margaretenstraße 22-24, 1040 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Margaretenstraße 22-24
1040 Vienna
+43 1 5855888

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  • bastilian
    • 37
    • 48

    This is one of my favorite spots at night. It is always packed with people. And they have Starobrno beer.

  • Extremecarver E.
    • 46
    • 8
    • 23. Aug 2011

    One of the nicest places in Vienna to hang around during the early night.

    One of the places where you can be proud of being a BoBo (meaning you meat up nice Bobo people, unlike other places that get too snobbish).

  • Jethred A.
    • 25
    • 24. Apr 2007

    It is hard to categorise the Schikaneder: cinema, bar, club or all three? At any rate, it is one of the most original and exciting venues in Austria, with great music and a relaxed (if occasionally wannabe-bohemian) atmosphere.

  • seth
    • 15
    • 30
    • 27. Dec 2006

    It gets 5 stars because it's swallowed much of my last 5 years. Schikaneder provides your basic bar with trendy tunes, and semi laid-back atmosphere. Schikaneder also offers a semi trashy cinema playing a variety of political documentaries, art-haus films, and supporting various film fests, including The Queer Film Festival arriving in June. You can take drinks and food into the cinema, and even smoke in the cinema, I think. The bar is pretty acceptably priced, but watch out for your bag/purse - thieves are about this night!