Shanghai Tan

Gumpendorfer Straße 9, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Gumpendorfer Straße 9
1060 Vienna
+43 1 5854988open now

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  • JC
    • 46
    • 9
    • Vienna
    • 13. Jan 2014

    It's a wonderful place if a bit crowded on the ground floor. And you probably can't just go there without a reservation well in advance.

    The interior design is so totally cliché it's just wonderful to look at. It's a bit dark in there but you're still able to read the menu or the wine list. It's a tad darker in the basement but you have the advantage of more privacy because of the booths. While I usually prefer the séparées I find the tables are too low. Seating is much more comfortable on the ground floor. The staff is very friendly and not too eager to please. Dim sum is very good as are the different kinds of sushi on offer. I haven't eaten anything else yet apart from different starters. The wine list is very satisfactory.

    The toilet is, well, let's call it different. There are mirrors everywhere and if you're the shy sort you probably won't like others in there with you. The prices are moderate and mostly OK for the quality.

  • tomoegozen
    • 19
    • 18
    • 24. Aug 2008

    Really cool place to go. Love the atmosphere and not mentioned yet: the toilets :)
    Dim Sum are nice also the coconut dessert thing.

  • last_shit
    • 84
    • 30
    • 16. Jul 2008

    this place is amazing!! if you want to impress someone, take him/her there! seriously! the food is very good! but the most impressive thing is the architecture and furnishing. you should really have a drink downstairs after dinner! I highly recommend this place. it's a spot to spend a rather exclusive time at. but really, it's so worth to see.
    oh, by the way, the employees are insanely nice!!!

  • Esad H.
    • 22
    • 7
    • 27. Nov 2007

    This is such a great place: the food is great, both in quality and choice, but not too expensive, the shiraz they served is one of the best wines I've tried recently. And yes, they're open and serve food after midnight. The basement with its séparées manages not too look too kitchy and on the it's quite romantic. The service is great too. This place rocks.

  • spanaut
    • 78
    • 51
    • 24. Sep 2007

    The food is ok, but the interior design is fantastic, mainly black with red lamps. I didn't know the basement, so we got a table at the ground floor. The basement looks much more exciting, like an opium den, and is reason enough to go there again.

  • Jethred A.
    • 25
    • 24. Apr 2007

    The food is not wonderful, but it is a pleasant enough venue and good for a drink and / or a snack late at night. The boutique on the ground floor is amazing in Vienna - what, I can actually buy clothes in the evening?! Is that ths sound of society collapsing?

  • petru
    • 22
    • 4
    • 27. Mar 2007

    The interior looks like being taken from a Wong Kar Wai film: This place is probably the closest Vienna will come to a Shanghai opium den (or at least a romanticised version of the latter).
    The restaurant has two parts: the ground floor and the basement.
    If you want to just eat with friends or your family: choose the ground floor. It is a little dark, but OK.
    If you are madly in love and do not really care about the food at the moment: choose one of the little niches in the basement. Believe me: It IS romantic ;-)

    But: Food is nothing more than OK.