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You don't know where to get the best ingredients for your tabouleh? You want to try a fancy restaurant on your next date but have no idea where to go? Then check out our discovery pages or categories below and get some ideas and first hand experience reports provided by our community.

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Find the best spots in your surroundings and see what other people think about it or recommend. To try it out, simply take a look at spots within a particular category or search for specific locations or cities. You can also use the nearby button to discover what's currently around you.


Fill out the search field with name and city of the spot you are looking for. Then see for yourself if other people already shared their experiences with the Tupalo Community and find information on how to get there, how to reach the business, opening hours and other information that might be useful.


We have different kinds of discovery pages within our App. We tried to keep it easy for you to see which places are hot and which are not. If you click on categories or tags you will get to a site that shows the top spots for the selection chosen.


If you also want to contribute to our community or simply keep record of places you have visited then post your experiences on Tupalo. This way you can get your opinion out and use it as an online journal.

Your journal and activity planner

Create lists with your favorite spots and places you want to go to. You can then access spots of your interest whenever you like and don't need to spend time on searching again. They might come in handy as a to do list for the next trip or just as a diary to keep track of the places you visited and liked.

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My Favorites

Fill this list with all the spots you "like". You can then directly access information about the location, how to get there with public transport, how to reach the business, opening hours, recommendations that users posted recently, alternative spots nearby and other details that might be useful.

My Bookmarks

All spot that you "store" will end up in this list. No more searching for this place a friend mentioned the other day - you have it all saved in here. There are so many spots that want to be discovered by you, so don't forget about them! Once you are set to give it a try, you have all information about the location ready.

My Reviews

We are interested in your opinion. Write a review about your experience with businesses you have visited or services you have used. Get your voice heard and keep track on what you liked about the place, how you got treated as a customer and maybe some information about specialties that were offered.

My Checkins

If you visit a spot, check-in and let your friends know where you are. With every checkin you will earn points. For a specific amount of points in a certain category you will also achieve different kind of badges. The users with the most checkins will become Kaiser of the spot. You rule!

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If you would like to be the next business that is covered on this page, let us know!