Douwe Egberts Koffie Café‎

Cornelis Schuytstraat 50, 1071 Amsterdam, Netherlands Get Directions to this spot
Cornelis Schuytstraat 50
1071 Amsterdam

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  • stormgrass
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    • 05. Aug 2009

    Actually part of a chain of cafés by coffee brand Douwe Egberts, it is still the place we had our best coffee during our whole stay in the NL.

    They made a pretty good Café Latte and the first day we were there, I had a chocolate muffin for breakfast. My girlfriend opted for an apple pie, which I was told wasn't half bad either.

    Since we only spent two nights in Amsterdam and the café was so close to our Hotel, we went there not just once, but twice. The next day my stomach needed something a bit more hearty, so I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich:

    With the cheese molten to perfection, I was what you may call a happy camper, only that I didn't really camp, but, well, stayed at a hotel.

    All in all, a very solid bet for good coffee and tasty snacks.