From Hanoi with Love

Hermannstraße 176, 12051 Berlin, Germany Get Directions to this spot
Hermannstraße 176
12051 Berlin

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    • 03. Jul 2012

    Light and airy interior typical of art galleries and concept shops, but this is Berlin, so maybe that's typical, too. Every time I walked by, this small Vietnamese restaurant seemed to be packed with mostly slightly-off kilter creative types, so I did what any good aspirational neighbor would do and followed the hype. For what? Honestly, I no longer have a clue. There was a significant price discrepancy between my dish and a friend's, rather similar portions of rather similar tofu and jasmine rice concoctions (4,90 v. 6,50), but maybe there's some wonderful, super-secret unpronounceable organic ingredient used in one that merits the price. Although they also forgot our drinks---stuff happens, especially when you're popular!---I guess I'll just have to go back for a fairer review.