Belle Epoque

Zuidzandstraat 43, 8000 Bruges, Belgium Get Directions to this spot
Zuidzandstraat 43
8000 Bruges
+32 50331872

1 reviews for Belle Epoque

  • dwseiple
    • 60
    • 22
    • 06. Aug 2009

    I ate here twice in 2003. It is a very nice, not very big restaurant with a friendly staff. The frogs legs were so-so, but the rabbit stew and the Flemmish stew we had were both superb.

    What I remember most about this restaurant was the hot chocolate. In a land where chocolate goes from extremely good to simply sinful, the hot chocolate we had here was so incredibly good, so words-do-not-do-it-justice fantastic, that when I came home and tried to describe to friends and relatives how amazing it was, I almost had tears in my eyes. I simply do not have the vocabulary to descibe how perfect it was!