Fat Boy's Sports Bar & Grill

Luxemburgplein 7, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Get Directions to this spot
Luxemburgplein 7
1050 Brussels
+32 2 5113266

2 reviews for Fat Boy's Sports Bar & Grill

  • Dburns71 D.
    • 1
    • 27. Jun 2012

    the place is a dive, the only thing missing is sawdust on the floor the big yank twat is in need of a slap. oh well maybe one day he'll get it. if you've got anywhere else to go then i say go. (D Burns)

  • Stocious23 S.
    • 1
    • 05. Nov 2009

    I've been all over Europe: UK, Germany, Holland, Ireland, France, Belgium... From the hundreds of bars, restaurants and pubs, Fat Boys is - without doubt - the worst.

    Be it the conspicuously unfriendly staff, the foul mouthed, post - traumatic stress barflies, the obscenely high prices, the remoteness of the place or the ugly, wierd American girls pretending to be French there's something for everyone here to dislike.

    If I had to say something nice about it, I'd go for 'brightly lit'.