• 1. Vittula


    colleensmoky, loud, small, crowded - and unapologetically so. vittula spins great tunes - a small dance floor tends to form tow... (more)

    Vittula - 09.03.13
  • 2. Gödör

    Erzsébet Tér, 1051 Budapest

    colleenthe actual club is pretty decent. balkan night is definitely a good time to be had. prices are fair enough, but there's ... (more)

    Gödör - 08.03.13
  • 3. Potkulcs

    Csengery utca 65, 1067 Budapest

    colleenhidden away in a pretty quiet part of the 6th, potkulcs has a sweet garden for chilling in the summer and concerts quite... (more)

    Potkulcs - 08.03.13
  • 4. Jaffa

    Ráday utca 39, 1092 Budapest
  • 5. Corvintetö

    Blaha Lujza tér 1, 1080 Budapest
  • 6. Akvárium Klub

    Erzsébet tér 14, Budapest

    SaaraFormerly known as Gödör Klub, but now with a new name and a new look! If you are looking for a gig or just wanna part... (more)

  • 7. A38 Ship

    Petöfi Bridge Buda Side, Budapest

    irenes001This place is awesome. I always wanted to come here. So last time I visited Budapest it was my time to go. A former ... (more)

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