Széchenyi Gyógyfürdő

Állatkerti krt. 11, Budapest, Hungary Get Directions to this spot
Állatkerti krt. 11
+36 13633210

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  • Saara
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    • 22. Feb 2012

    This is the most known (and touristic) of the spas, but I went on a cloudy sunday, and it was perfect! Most of the visitors seemed to be tourists, but it wasn't actually too crowded.

    The price varies depending on the day, but 2900-3750 HUF (10-13€) is not much at all for a day in thermal baths!

    The complex consists of 3 outdoor pools, 12 thermal baths and I dont even know how many different saunas. I think the best way is to try the outdoor pools first, then all the ones inside, and when it gets dark go back outside. It is beautiful when the steam is hovering over you, and it is the best way to admire the stars!