Hotelrepräsentanz und Reisen Ges.m.b.H

Burgenlandstrasse 8, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Burgenlandstrasse 8
6020 Innsbruck
+43 512 5841570

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    • 16. Mar 2014

    Dreadful experience with Four Season Transfer. We believed we booked a private transfer but the company told us we hadn't but charged us the exact same price of one!! We ended up waiting 40 minutes for the other passenger, this was bad but it was worse for our three small kids aged 3 + 6 years and an 8 month old baby. We'd all been up since 3:30am so it was the last thing we needed.

    The vehicle we traveled in was old and with no air conditioning. It was a hot day and the windows in the back didn't open. The other passenger who sat in the front with the driver refused to open her window. We rang the main office to complain but the staff simply didn't care and were rude. They had our money so they really didn't care. The whole experience ruined the start of our holiday. We go to Austria a few times a year and will never use them again.

  • Madma M.
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    • 02. Jul 2012

    Some of the reviews here are quite bad and I can understand that, but I've had some really good experiences with this company.
    for the last couple of years I've had to travel Munich-Innsbruck-Munich every three Weeks and most of the time I took this shuttle service because a) it's cheaper than renting a car or the train, b) it usually is faster - it usually takes from 2 to 3 hours depending on traffic. I've also never had any payment issues but it's true that the staff is rude and grumpy at times. I also once sat on a very lousy bus...but last weekend those guys helped me loads a I needed to travel spontaneously and they got me on a bus even
    though I called them a day in advance.
    So even my review is mixed but I would recommend this service to anyone, you can even meet interesting people and you don't have to worry about driving yourself or catching trains

  • Singingchris S.
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    • 01. Feb 2011

    My husband and I used Four Seasons last year.
    Our flight was canceled in London due to snow there. We immediately called them to let them know. We were told it was no problem and we could take the shuttle the same time the following day when British Airways put us on the next flight.
    When we arrived, not only did we get doubled charged (we had pre-paid months before!) but were confronted with a VERY, VERY rude staff.
    The person in charge went out of his way to be unhelpful rude and even chased after us after we got in the shuttle (after paying AGAIN even though the shuttle had room for us!) and told me off. He actually called me a stupid b****. Unbelievable and all because I challenged his rudeness.
    Did I forget to mention it was very late and I was pregnant? Yes, it was a truly disgusting experience all the way around.
    We will never recommend Four Seasons to anyone and will only ever have bad things to say. By the way, EVERYONE we talk to, especially in Innsbruck where we live, says the same - this company is no good.

  • Ernest B.
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    • 13. Sep 2010

    It took 4 1/2 hrs to go from the Munich airport to Innsbruck. I paid for a return ticket - but had asked in 3 emails before leaving home if they could drop me off at my hotel in Munich on my rerturn. They never answered the queries. Upon arrival, I asked the driver and was told that it was no problem. When I called the day before departure from Innsbruck, I was told that they had no record of my return and that I would have to give them 3 days advance notice. Of course, my flight home left in 2 days! I was also now told that in order to be dropped off at my hotel in Munich it would cost an ADDITIONAL 300 euros! After much arguing, was finally told that they would waive the 3-day notice and pick me up the next day and take me to the Munich airport. I then had to pay an additional 60 euro to go by taxi to my hotel.
    This company is the worst that I have ever dealt with in my 50+ trips over the past 25 years of traveling in Germany and Austria.