Esso formerly Al's Mohawk

790 Lahakas Blvd S, Kitimat V8C, Canada Get Directions to this spot
790 Lahakas Blvd S
Kitimat, V8C
BC, Canada
+1 2506324900

1 reviews for Esso formerly Al's Mohawk

  • Lisa R.
    • 1
    • 17. Nov 2008

    al esso yes i been their and some unpleasants times drunks coming in their throwing food and the girls who working thier would do nothing maybe cause they knew them but why should the other customers but up with food flying in their lap and across the store and they though it was funny and then one of them lock the guy in the ice machine out side and if you complained the store owner thought it was funny also yeah to who your not the customers sitting thier listen and watching everything going on and the workers being rude to the customers also what your food you never know what you'll find don't make them mad or upset them check your carefully. I complained about the service their and what was going on the owner couldn't care less he thoughit was funny. If their boss knew they were letting some of their friends steal from their i don't think he would be happy about that. It was very unpleasant and not the place for any person or who have kids to go their the language is unbearable and their friends that come in or just as worst not a place to go and check the dates on the food your buying too they girls still sell it and it's gone bad already. check everything before you buy it first and what out for the drunks they get out of control and so the workers their too thier boss know but what kind of boss let them get away with it could it be thier women i think so rude ingnorant to the good decient people that go their and upstanding citizines what kind of establishment is he running here.