Terra Restaurante Natural

R. da Palmeira, Lisbon, Portugal Get Directions to this spot
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R. da Palmeira
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    • 06. Jul 2008

    If I lived in Lisbon and the menu weren't so expensive (I remember the weekend buffet costing 13!!EUR), I'd probably eat here every day. As it stands, I "splurged" here twice, because the people were so friendly, and well, I could eat all that I could! If coming during the warmer months, do take advantage of the back patio seating; it's quite lovely to enjoy your food and listen to rustle of the leaves and watch the myriad shades of light. I heard that it's vegan-friendly, but as there no specific labels, you'll have to inquire with the helpful staff. Try the veggie takes on traditional Portuguese dishes as well as the lemon sorbet!