Comptoir des Cotonniers

Calle de Ayala 32, 28001 Madrid, Spain Get Directions to this spot
Calle de Ayala 32
28001 Madrid
+34 91 31914312583

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    • 12. Nov 2007

    I love this label; what can I say? I love it so much that I'm bound to incorrectly use punctuation marks?!. A very sober color palette with the occasional burst of yellow, royal blue, or coral, with matching classic designs of stripes, or polka dots. The concept is for mothers and daughters in step with style, that way the clothes can be shared, or at least, last you through the ages. So, the prices aren't that friendly, but the fabrics are. And well, the saleswomen too. By the by, there's also a shop more in the center, on Fuencarral, but I prefer this one, as it seems more laidback, but maybe it's also because I'm in prim-and-proper town. Now I feel like carrying a chihuahua in my purse.