El Jardín Secreto

San Bernardino 22, 28015 Madrid, Spain Get Directions to this spot
San Bernardino 22
28015 Madrid
+34 91 5418023

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    • 11. Apr 2008

    The quirky coffeeshop: every American college town can lay claim to at least one. Add five or six years to Harriet the Spy, Claudia Kishi, or Hermione Granger, and they could all work at the Secret Garden, which actually neither as exclusive as the former nor as pleasant as the latter. The antithesis to "classy," "chic" joints in Salamanca and Chueca, this cafe's SO alternative, that you want to look for an alternative, especially because the best coffeeshops, in my opinion, are open for fauxllectual discussions with friends before FIVE in the evening. Then again, you don't want to go that Moby Dick haunt, right? You trudge back in, gloss over the extensive beverage menu, and make your drink last, chortling at the junior-high decor, until the next party arrives.