El pequeño bazaar

Calle de Santa Teresa 12, 28004 Madrid, Spain Get Directions to this spot
Calle de Santa Teresa 12
28004 Madrid
+34 91 3083691

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  • Charisma
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    • 09. May 2008

    I found this place by accident, after staring at nearby Oliphant's window display for far too long. El peque is the little sister of the SCOOTER and BAZAAR shops, stocking many Frenchy chic labels at significantly discounted prices. Sometimes the merchandise destined for the regular shops arrives late, and so, is sold directly in El peque. The stock tends to rotate every few weeks, so off-the-chart fashion fiends tend to check more than often. I try to come by every once in a while, and always, ALWAYS come away with something, like a great Vanessa Bruno belt or checkered Isabel Marant Etoile button-up top. Virginia, the salesgirl, is helpful but non-intrusive. As always: try before you buy, because there are no returns, but why would that happen, anyway?