Calle de Pelayo 52, 28004 Madrid, Spain Get Directions to this spot
Calle de Pelayo 52
28004 Madrid
+34 91 3102205

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  • Charisma
    • 351
    • 22
    • 03. Jun 2008

    If you're a fan of minimalism--i.e., unfinished wood and lofty ceilings, this is your store. If you're a fan of simple (but not simplistic) clothes made by folks whose names you can't pronounce, this is your store. And obviously, this is your store if you're an effortlessly stylish 25-35-year-old indie ingenue (or look like one) strolling down a Chueca sidestreet at 11AM because "there's nothing else to do." I can imagine Frida Hyvönen or Victoria Bergsman modeling the threads, or at the very least, providing the soundtrack. If I had the funds, it'd be my store, too.