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Calle de Pelayo 35
28004 Madrid
+34 91 3080381

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  • Charisma
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    • 12. Nov 2008

    Oh, that's right: make reservations for dinner! You're in Spain, land of jamón, where it can be difficult to find decent vegetarian/vegan food even in the capital city. Of course, I made the same mistake twice, but it was worth sitting near the kitchen to try out the hummus and the San Jacobo, filled with seitan, mushrooms, and a kind of vegetable pâté and down two glasses of utterly delicious orange juice. For those Mexican-food-loving-expats, the "Combinación Azteca" (burritos, jalapeños, and guac) isn't too shabby. The wonderful array of salads would be best for you folks who want something lighter; my faves are the Casablanca (with couscous) and the Refrescante, which really IS as refreshing as it purports to be. Unfortunately, Vegaviana isn't too easy on the pocketbook, so I'd suggest getting the lunch deal at around 9,-EUR.