multi state cooperative society

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    • 20. May 2019

    Defination of a multi state cooperative society: -

    A multi state cooperative society is signed up from the center i.e. Delhi. The co-agent castes, with posts not kept to one state and serving the hobbies of parts in even more than one state for social and monetary renovation of its parts through self improvement and usual assistance as per the co-agent requirements are recognized as Multi State Cooperative Societies.

    Types of multi state cooperative societies and requirements: -

    A multi state cooperative society is of different kinds- Credit, Housing, Farming, Transportation, Hospital, Sugar, Stores, Fishery, Handloom, Labor, Customer and Multi Function Co-operative Society. The fundamental formalities for forming this society is to arrange at least 50 members from 2 states each. Mob:+91 783 827 2423

    • Time Taken for registration: -.

      Normally, the maximum period for a multi state cooperative society registration is 4 months. In case, the application receives an objection, in that case, the application can be filed once more and in certain situations, the society registration can be done earlier also on the basis of earlier rejections or on political pressures.

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