Ama Sushi Japanese Restaurant

5516 Lawrence Ave East (in Centennial Plaza), Toronto M1C 3B2, Canada Get Directions to this spot
5516 Lawrence Ave East (in Centennial Plaza)
Toronto, M1C 3B2
ON, Canada
(416) 284-3033

2 reviews for Ama Sushi Japanese Restaurant

  • Laura
    • 1
    • 03. Jan 2010

    I have eaten at this restaurant many times, have always been pleased. I have sent many friends and family to Ama Sushi. I went this evening, my 11 year old daughter wanted to take me for dinner (her treat with christmas money), well I was so shocked and upset at what happened. We choose the all you can eat, after we ordered a couple of items the waitress asked how old my daughter was. Once she was told she was 11 our service all but ended. I had NO idea 12 or under was a reduced price until the waitress asked her age & our service went for a nose dive. This is the first time EVER I did not tip. They took my daughters money & we left. I will never return to this establishment. The amount of money myself, husband, family & friends have spent at this be treated this way really angers me. I would have rather spent the extra $5 for proper service.....really WHY offer a 12 & under price if your going to act this way? Just terrible.

  • wiccum
    • 16
    • 4
    • 12. Apr 2007

    A quiet neighbourhood spot with friendly service.

    They've recently added an "All You Can Eat" menu, but I haven't tried it yet.