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    • 27. May 2010

    My bike chain was skipping gears once in awhile when I biked up hill so I decided to take it into the community bike network to get it fixed. I like supporting community organizations and I felt really good about it....UNTIL the "repairs" were complete. When I brought it in I told the gal that I wanted to get a new bike in a few months so didn't want to spend much on this one. She told me the $80 she quoted would make it rideable and better than before. That was fine with me. However.... After a few days I picked up my bike just as they were closing and as i was riding home I quickly discovered that it was in MUCH worse shape than when I had brought it in. Instead of skipping gears every now and then uphill, it skipped every few seconds and was virtually unrideable. I took it back in and they said they had taken it for a test drive and it seemed fine but clearly they didn't take it for long. So, they said they would replace the cogset and it wouldn't skip anymore. When I picked it up they quickly told me how much that would cost and I was appalled that, after making it clear I didn't want to spend much, they didn't even offer me a discount - not even on labour! The labour for that repair was $8 and tho it didn't break my bank, taking that off of my bill would have been a gesture that meant the difference between me coming back in the future or never again.
    The saga continues...
    After being assured that "it would not skip anymore" I tried changing gears and discovered that when the bike is in the first three gears, the chain does not catch on the cogs at all....AT ALL!....meaning I can't use those gears ever....they don't work. AND I had a kick stand which i used frequently and when I tried to use it...because of the new cogset, it was too short to use anymore. I am SOOOOOOOOOO unimpressed with the the community bicycle network, the poor customer service, the level of repair expertise, the lack of communication and their apathy for keeping their customers happy that I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER go there again and I recommend you run fast and far from there and get your bike repaired somewhere else where the bike mechanics have some sense of accountability.
    ZERO stars from me. The only reason I have one start highlighted is b/c I can't publish this without choosing a star rating.

  • schroettner
    • 145
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    • 16. Aug 2009

    If you are not up for fancy bikes you should check out CBN. You get a bike for 15 $ a day (first day). Each following is 10 $ a day. For a week you pay 50 $. 50 $ deposit required. You can choose between Cruisers and Mountainbikes. Only one gear - but really okay.