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2 reviews for Ho-Lee-Chow

  • Billmcintyre B.
    • 1
    • 26. Jan 2011

    The WORST food I've had in about 10 years ! ! - maybe longer.

    They now deserve a rating of Zero.

    This restaurant has gone SO far downhill it's like they've dropped off a cliff.

    The food is INEDIBLE !

    You might remember Ho Lee Chow from before they went bankrupt or closed down for some reason. Well they are back - and the food is NOTHING like it used to be.

    Before they closed the food had a certain junk food quality that was fairly often satisfying - it sometimes hit the spot.

    Not anymore. I will NEVER, never order from this place again.

    First of all, they sent me one of the wrong things - next to what I ordered on the menu - but not what I ordered.

    And NONE of the food was anything like it used to be.

    The Ja Do wings were Terrible - I couldn't eat more than 3 bites. Terribly bland and tasteless and nothing like before. They were so bad I really got the sense if I ate any more I might risk food poisoning.

    The breaded shrimp was the worst I think I've ever had. Nothing like before and SO bad.

    And the Shrimp with salt and pepper was MUSH. Total mush.

    If you are thinking about ordering from this pathetic excuse for a restaurant - please don't make the mistake I did. I ordered from this chain about 20 times over the years - NEVER AGAIN !

  • wiccum
    • 16
    • 4
    • 14. Apr 2007

    Yes, it's "Canadian-style Chinese food", but at least they don't use any MSG. Not cheap, but convenient. You can order through their web site.

    Take-out and delivery only. Various locations.