Kee Hong BBQ

396 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Canada Get Directions to this spot
396 Spadina Ave
ON, Canada
(416) 596-1576

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  • Jane Murray
    • 1
    • 14. Feb 2007

    What can you say about a restaurant that's half barbecue joint, and half vegetarian? Well TASTY for starters! If you can get past dad's meat hanging in the window, you will be in for a delight from the all vegetarian menu made by mom in the back. The food, filled with lots of intriguing mock veggie meats, is fantastic and different from what you may be used to in a vegetarian meal. Beef and bitter melon, Spicy chicken with peanuts, and other delights. The decor is as bare bones Chinatown as it goes, so no need for a tie... and 20 bucks will often feed two.