Le Commensal

655 Bay St, Toronto M5G 2K4, Canada Get Directions to this spot
655 Bay St
Toronto, M5G 2K4
ON, Canada
(416) 596-9364

3 reviews for Le Commensal

  • ThomasAleksander
    • 4
    • 28. Mar 2007

    I used to go here quite a bit but now I find the food pretty boring and losing flavour. Not sure what happened but last time cost over $20 and taste left a lot to be desired. Will not go back.

  • angela
    • 12
    • 3
    • 16. Mar 2007

    great place to go with non-veg family, as they can see the food first... even my grandma likes it!

    Sadly becoming less and less vegan.

    best: ginger tofu, carrot cake, avacado chunks!

  • Chris I.
    • 1
    • 13. Feb 2007

    A great introduction to different vegetarian dishes. I like to go there now and then to get inspiration to cook new things :)

    Lots of variety but ends up being pretty expensive because the meals are priced by weight. I paid about $20 for a hearty dinner.