Tulip Steak House

1606 Queen St E, Toronto M4L 1G2, Canada Get Directions to this spot
1606 Queen St E
Toronto, M4L 1G2
ON, Canada
(416) 469-5797

2 reviews for Tulip Steak House

  • Ecom E.
    • 1
    • 26. Jul 2010

    My friends and I have been going there for over 10 years. My last three visits have been less than satisfactory. I recall one visit when they advertised a "Recession Special" which consisted of a set menu at one price. I soon found out after ordering that it was in fact their "recession special" as they didn't have many of the items on the set menu. What a JOKE!!! Since then the theme has been the same. They always seem to be out of food... and its not that I always order the same thing! Today was the last straw... My friends and I were seated promptly in the semi empty restaurant. The waiter took his time (15 minutes) to make his way to our table and without water. I ordered the Sunday special and they told me that they’re out of veggies so the order will come with coleslaw. I ask for mash potatoes and they tell me once again their out and the only option they had was French fries. Moments after we hash out the order the waiter comes back and tells me that they’re out of the Sunday Special...

    I haven’t been able to order what I want in the past three visits. I don’t expect a restaurant to always have everything on the menu but I’ve never seen it this bad. I know one thing is for sure… If I was working there… I’d be worried about being able to cash the pay cheques after they start advertising the “Bankruptcy Special”.

  • wiccum
    • 16
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    • 15. Apr 2007

    Although biiled as a steak house, don't expect The Tulip to resemble any other such establishment. It's really a diner, but one that serves better steaks than you'd expect from a diner.

    I always go for the steak and eggs on the "All Day Breakfast" menu (which you need to ask for if its outside breakfast hours). I don't know exactly what kind of steak it is, but I've never had better for under $15.