Tutti Frutti

64 Kensington Ave, Toronto M5T 2K1, Canada Get Directions to this spot
64 Kensington Ave
Toronto, M5T 2K1
ON, Canada
(416) 593-9281

2 reviews for Tutti Frutti

  • Simon T.
    • 1
    • 15. Feb 2009

    This shop has issues with false accusations about stealing. Today I purchased several things in the store, we spend about $100 a week there. I bent down to put the things in my backpack and left the store. I stopped outside to re-arrange my back pack and the male owner came outside and told me the door "beeped" when I left. It was rubbish. Two other people left at the same time as me because we actually laughed that we were all trying to get through the door at the same time. He asked me to come back inside the store to which I told him no, if you want to check my bag I have it all out in front of me (there was a table outside) he can check it right then and there. He kept saying "you beeped, you need to come back inside" I was incensed, I didn't take anything and he had no reason to accuse me, which he finally said, I think you took something and I haven't searched your body so I don't know if you did. The lady who had served me inside and has served me many times came out and said no, no don't worry about it. He was still abusing me as I walked off.We will not shop there again. We will take our $100 a week business and shop at Essence of Life which is several doors away.

  • angela
    • 12
    • 3
    • 12. Jun 2007

    Sweetest deals on bulk/health food stuff. for serious.