West Side Cycle

213 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, Canada Get Directions to this spot
213 Roncesvalles Ave
ON, Canada

2 reviews for West Side Cycle

  • Brandy P.
    • 1
    • 04. Sep 2009

    William resents it when you bring your bike in to be repaired at the same time as other people do. He'll want you to wait several days, and he will make you feel stupid for expecting timely service. He needs to staff his shop according to the rhythm of the season. Of course people want their bikes serviced in the spring. At least he has one guy working for him who is good. The woman on staff is angry!

  • Mr. Mason
    • 4
    • 3
    • 17. Feb 2007

    It's too bad William and his people did such a nice job fixing up my bike in the spring -- I didn't get the pleasure of dealing with him on a regular basis.

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