Cafe Ritter - Harry Holer Cafe-Bar

Mariahilfer Straße 73, 1060 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Mariahilfer Straße 73
1060 Vienna
+43 1 5878238open now

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    • 27. Sep 2012

    Located on a corner opposite one of the Neubaugasse U-bahn exits, the Cafe Ritter sign is pretty conspicuous for cafe hunters. To be honest it's actually a bit dingy looking for my own taste but agreed that it has that old grumpy frumpy Vienna coffee house feel. I'm all for authenticity but I've still gotta draw the line somewhere.. Still - if you are in the mood - come here for a coffee, a strudel and feel free to sit around and read papers all day - if the waiters give you funny looks, that's fine, it's probably nothing personal and I am told by my Austrian friends that it's fine practice to sit all day.

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      • kay
      • 27. Sep 2012

      Haha, had to laugh at "grumpy frumpy" and the description of the waiters. It's funny 'cause it's true!! ;)

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  • Floor Drees
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    • 27. Mar 2012

    Sort of frumpy and old fashioned. Everything I imagined a cafe in Vienna to be like. More like a take-your-folks-in-law-to-place than a spot for a first (or second) date.