Cafe der Provinz

Maria-Treu-Gasse 3, 1080 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Maria-Treu-Gasse 3
1080 Vienna
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  • Floor Drees
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    • 25. Sep 2011

    Lovely little café. You can see the Mariahilfe kirche from the terrace. Order a spritzer and fancy yourself sitting in France somewhere. Only point of criticism? The waitress took a little long to serve us.

    • The church close to Cafe der Provinz is Piaristenkirche (aka Maria Treu Kirche) :-)

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  • ZoeFromNY
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    • 19. Mar 2011

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we were disappointed with food, drink and service. Granted, we are not health nuts but we did know it was a bio restaurant and were eager to try crepes of wholesome ingredients. Still, we found our drinks (the homemade lemonade and a latte) utterly undrinkable due to their dreadfulness tastes. To add insult to injury there is a .50 charge to warm the lemonade. The crepes were extremely dry; the tiny chips of walnuts tasteless; and the maple syrup did not arrive with the crepes but halfway through and only after we sought out the waitress. Wait staff changed mid-meal which only served to add to our dissatisfaction: we had to repeat our order and the new waiter did not properly compute. Additionally, we consider the prices high and were surprised to see so many students and other young people. Clearly, some diners consider it "cool" to eat there but we failed to find the charm.

  • Alex A.
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    • 08. Feb 2011

    It is really cool!!=))

  • Natalia P.
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    • 31. Jul 2010

    so lovely!

    i've been there for brunch, and i've seen "brunchier" ones, this is mainly an enlarged breakfast menu. they had an amazing mix of stinky french cheese types, exactly the type of tasty cheese i like. they also had nice wholemeal crepes with honey that you can improve yourself with more honey, nutella or other things; waffles - although i had no space to try that; deer salame and (quite nice) avocado slices; tomatoes and mozzarella. small, but nice, and very good quality ingredients. all bio, you can even trace what farm they're from!

    i veeeery much liked the cafè itself, though. pretty décor, very cozy and inviting, kind waiters. i'm already thinking of when i'll go there on dreary winter/autumn afternoons, to read books and papers, drink hot tea and coffee and ignore the bad weather.

    as always, i'm sold when a cafè also has or seems to like/promote books, and they do. they sell books by this tiny publishing house, which i suppose is linked to them.

  • antifuchs
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    • 02. May 2008

    Excellent crepes & good galettes (they can be a bit heavy on the Kernöl for some tastes), great tea. Very friendly service - probably the friendliest I have encountered in Vienna so far.

    I've been there only with a bunch of friends, but it seems like it's a great place to sit in back and read a book, too.

  • mariquita
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    • 24. Mar 2008

    Cosy place that is inside much bigger than it appears from outside. Only the lights irritatingly seemed to be a tad too bright (so, don't go for a date if you aim for dim romance?).

    Very good crêpes/galletes and (to my delight) french cidre (not to be confused with the horrid british cider).

    Prices are ok, given the quality.

    Edit: The brunch is awesome! Make sure you have a table reservation.

  • Christian C.
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    • 20. Mar 2008

    Really great original atmosphere, good food and no smoke. A great tip, I think!

    • The no smoking makes this an awesome tip! I'm looking forward to my first visit!

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  • fabbaz
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    • 16. Mar 2008

    geez. this is one of my top 5 favorite cafés in vienna. nice people, great crepes and waffles.

  • Scotty The Body
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    • 20. Feb 2008

    This is an excellent cafe run by friendly folks and would be a favorite of mine regardles of it's number one best feature: it is non-smoking! The coffee here is slightly better than the usual Vienna coffee.

  • c3o
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    • 19. Feb 2008

    I knew I had to come back here when I randomly walked by once: Even from the outside, this cafe looks incredibly charming, radiating hospitality out into a quiet cobblestone street in the 8th district. Not unlike the Creperie in nearby Schlösselgasse, they serve a large variety of crepes, galettes and waffles – only here they're made from buckwheat and soya milk, and are a bit more expensive. They also have a huge selection of teas. The staff is very friendly, and there's a whole library of books to browse or buy.
    Highly recommended.

  • Lisa Max
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    • 26. Oct 2007

    I randomly discovered this place today and fell in love with it immediately. Cozy and rather quiet, friendly service, yummy waffles, coffee with soy milk available, all in all a rather unique atmosphere. I am planning to one day read an entire book there.