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    • 11 days ago

    Have a nice day

  • Floor Drees
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    • 31. Jul 2012

    In addition to my last review: great outside area, cute 'polkadoted' tablecloths. The place to get your hipster / rockabilly fix.

  • Floor Drees
    • 612
    • 222
    • 28. Dec 2011

    Had a few beers with a friend at Espresso yesterday. The bartender seemed to have the exact same taste in music. And she was dancing, jumping an laughing all night long. Felt right at home in this cozy little place with red interior!

  • deadlemming
    • 39
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    • 13. Apr 2009

    Espresso has this retro-style and creates a feeling of holidays in the 50ies/60ies. They recently switched their non-smoking/smoking area, so the front room is now a nice place to hang out and have breakfast …

  • Scotty The Body
    • 82
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    • 28. Aug 2008

    Nice people, but always very smokey. The outdoor area is nice for a soda zitron or a beer on a warm day. I particularly like their grill parties.

    That being said, any place with the audacity to call itself "espresso" had better have a good product, and this place, sadly, does not. The coffee is terrible -- very typical, unremarkable, uninteresting and, often, poorly made.

    Disappointing considering the fact that when I moved here I thought I had won the lottery because I lived very near Espresso. You see, being somewhat of a coffee nut, I was thrilled to find this place and, although it was closed at the time, an article from a magazine that they had posted in the window declared this shop to have the "best espresso in Vienna."

    This, my friends, is a sad joke.

    If you don't have high expectations, and want to feel a bit of the rapidly disappearing Neubau vibe, this place is worth a visit.

  • Hubert M.
    • 14
    • 27. Aug 2007

    a little bit too bobo, but of course real nice people. manchmal riecht es ein bisschen zu sehr nach zigaretten oder anderen sachen, die man rauchen kann. however, good coffee. nice service.

  • stormgrass
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    • 28. Mar 2007

    Nice place to feel hip. Also have performances in the back room once in a while.

    Small, but tres chic.

  • hellmood
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    • 01. Feb 2007

    Nice place and besides coffee you can get some oldschool austrian himbeerkracherl

  • Mike
    • 201
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    • 10. Nov 2006

    Ultra stylish 50ies style interior, usually pleasant service, Brazilian jazz and Boards of Canada on the sound system, what better place to have a cheap cup of coffee and surf the net?

  • melanie
    • 400
    • 207
    • 26. Oct 2006

    a nice and cosy spot with original 50ies interior, good coffee, nice local soda brands, friendly staff but a lazy dish washer. so make sure to check your glass or cup for stains before taking that first sip.