Kaffeerestaurant Nil

Siebensterngasse 39, 1070 Vienna, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Siebensterngasse 39
1070 Vienna
+43 1 5266165open now

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  • Floor Drees
    • 612
    • 222
    • 27. Mar 2012

    Great Turkish coffee in cantina-like setting. Will definitely come back to try the menu soon!

  • Naderlotfy N.
    • 1
    • 07. Aug 2011

    I had the best Lubia there. Fantastic food!

  • Natalia P.
    • 58
    • 19
    • 30. Mar 2011

    It was OK - I guess after reading all the reviews here my expectations were too high, so I was a bit disappointed.

    When I went there the atmosphere was, well, boring - but I suppose it was because it was half empty, and they decided not to bother with a little background music, so it was a bit strange.

    The food was alright and service was nice, but for some reason, I think I won't go back there, I was too underwhelmed :(

      • kay
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    • i went back for breakfast, and it was a lot nicer. there were music, customers and nice magazines. then i went back again for coffee - and again, strange and half-empty and no music, which is disturbing as everyone can hear what you say and you hear the others way too much. i like their food (especially their lentil soup) really, but sometimes the atmosphere can be strange. i mostly like it, but it won't make it to my favourites.

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  • mkalina
    • 23
    • 5
    • 08. Feb 2011

    Decent place with decent food and (a bit less than) decent coffee.

  • fabbaz
    • 29
    • 9
    • 29. Mar 2007

    great coffee, good food - large non-smoking-area.

  • melanie
    • 400
    • 207
    • 03. Jan 2007

    cafe nil has really tasty coffee, a good variety of vegan/vegetarian dishes and a stack of newspapers to peruse while you are waiting for your bowl of hummus.
    the staff is really nice and it seems half of the place is strictly non-smoking now. hooray!

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 01. Nov 2006

    My favorite falafel in Vienna and some darn good hummus also! The Nil is famous for it's fine Egyptian cooking and it's casual and friendly atmosphere. The coffee is incredible. The only problem I have with Nil is the amount of cigarette smoke! In the winter months you get a giant mouthful of throat choking cigarette smoke when getting into the door. I don't see the smoking problem in Vienna going away anytime soon I'm afraid.

  • Wolfgang D.
    • 50
    • 35
    • 31. Oct 2006

    This is the place that almost brought me back to my caffeine addiction because their coffee is so damn good!
    Excellent hummus and falafel, slightly uncomfortable seats, and an owner/waitress who will memorize whatever everyone on the table has ordered, even hours later.