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Burggasse 10, 1070 Wien, Austria Get Directions to this spot
Burggasse 10
1070 Vienna
+43 1 5249497

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  • Natalia P.
    • 58
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    • 11. Dec 2010

    Very pretty, and airy, that's one of the things I like - there is a lot of space. The staff is very friendly and bring you lots of water, you don't even have to ask for it - I know it's quite normal in Vienna, but coming from an evil city where this never happens, I still appreciate it.

    They have a lot of different tea types and the coffee is nice. I haven't tried the food yet, but I have a feeling it's probably good. They also have a good selection of newspapers and free wi-fi.

    Next thing will be trying brunch!

  • buscape
    • 378
    • 118
    • 13. Aug 2010

    Lots of space, cool crowd, fresh coffees and delicious lunch with newspapers, fresh juices.

    Everyything you see in there is buyable

  • cradon
    • 22
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    • 14. Dec 2008

    super brunch location

  • Robert H.
    • 1
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    • 24. Mar 2008

    DasMoebel is a café as I have never seen before. The look-a-like is always changing as most furniture is designed by young professionals and can be bought.

    I personally tested the Brunch and have to say - Take it! We stayed 3 hours in the café always taking more (fresh!!) food from the buffet.

    Free W-Lan is an important asset too.

  • mariquita
    • 24
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    • 24. Mar 2008

    This café is like a touch-and-feel exposition of furniture design. Almost no table, chair nor lamp is alike and they change in a regular manner, offering young furniture designers to show their products to an interested (?) public - hence all pieces of furniture are equipped with tags indicating the designer, the price, etc..

    Coffee is fine, service sometimes a little slow, quality of sitting evidently highly variable (from "never want to get up again. ever!" to "it is somewhat hard, isn't it?"). Overall a nice, sometimes fun (swing-table, grass-table,..) place to stop by.

    Besides they have w-lan and a computer with internet access that you can use (I believe the first couple of minutes are free, but I'm not sure).

  • guns´n bergen
    • 9
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    • 04. May 2007

    definitely one of my favorite places in Vienna. a good place to hang out, work, meet friends, be alone ... whatever. very creative atmosphere - cool design. excellent wifi.
    good coffee, beer is ok. but you get other drinks, too.
    wine is not that important at the Möbel.

    the breakfast buffet offers everything needed.

    besides that, food is not the prime reason to go there.

  • Mike
    • 201
    • 170
    • 30. Apr 2007

    One of Vienna's hippest cafes, just a short walk from MuseumsQuartier. The coffee is good and there always seems to be a handful of other folks with Macbooks sitting around taking advantage of the 'free' WLAN. I say free because they supposedly start charging after 15 minutes of usage, but, I've yet to witness anyone actually pay.

    Also, there's not many places in Vienna where you can sit in a 400 EUR chair while sipping your coffee, then include the chair in your bill and walk out with it (if you're the type to drop 400 EUR on a chair).